Information technology has brought about revolutionary changes in hu8man communication systems. Generally referred to as “multimedia products”, these have become the most valued communication vehicles for sectors such as social service, commerce, industry, health care, education, governance and entertainment. Thereby, the demand for trained personnel to produce multimedia products has increased several folds. To carter to this demand, there is a need to structure the undergraduate programme in multimedia communication. The undergraduate programme called as Bachelor of Multimedia communication (BMMC) which is designed to equip students in art and craft of multimedia production such as film production , Audio mixing, 3D modeling, website, Website and visual Arts. It enables them to emerge as thoroughbred professionals catering to the needs of fast growing multimedia industry. The department of multimedia has excellent infrastructure with video and audio recording studios, lighting systems, Professional video and still cameras highly configured workstations and eminent faculty with professional experience.

Bsc Multimedia Communication
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