Geology is a Science dealing with earth related subjects like environmental protection, natural resources management, mineral and oil exploration, etc. It also studies about the history of earth that include solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth. A geologist has an important role to play in planning the future of our valuable mineral resources.

Geologist can get placements in Central Government agencies like the ‘Geological Survey of India’ and the Central and State ground water board, Para Military forces also need geologists. Oil and Gas industry is another attraction for Geologists. Students can go for research after post graduation in geology.

Faculty Members
  • Abdul Rahman.C.V
    Asst. Professor, HOD
    M.Sc Applied Geology
  • Sajith Sadanandan
    Asst. Professor
    M.Sc Geology
  • Dr.Gopalakrishnan.K
    M.Sc Geology, Ph.D
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