A Webinar on “Covid 19 -Approach to vaccination and new variant update” was conducted by Department of Microbiology in association with IQAC on 13 September 2021 from 7 Pm to 8 pm. Second semester PG Microbiology students were coordinating the webinar. The resource person of the event was Dr. Soumya Sathyan, Consultant Physician at Moulana Hospital, Perinthalmanna. The programme formally began with the welcome address delivered by Dr. Anjanadevi I.P, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology.

Webinar gave deep insights into the topic COVID vaccination and also revealed some interesting facts about new variants of corona virus. She discussed the importance of vaccination and different types of vaccines available and their significant properties. Moreover, Dr. explained the facts about new corona virus variants and covid outbreak in future. After session, Participants asked many questions related with the concern and issues related with covid and vaccination and all the questions were satisfactorily answered by resource person. This interactive session conducted after her talk was more commendable. She congratulated all the participants for their active interaction in interactive session. The event was concluded with the vote of thanks given by Ms. Shahla Sharbin. V. P of Second Semester PG Microbiology.

PG department of microbiology conducted a webinar on Biochemistry-Why it matters? under the theme area biochemical world and beyond. Program started at 10AM with the Welcome speech and guest introduction by Dr. Finose A. Resourceperson of the program was Dr. Shonima, Assistant Professor, SAFI Institute of advanced study, Vazhayoor, Malappuram.

She explained the basics of biochemical world in day to day life and further moved on to the research activities and it’s biological importance. Common day biochemicals were explained in detail with its importance in enzymology, confectionery, pharmaceutical and research sectors. Research potential of biochemistry was explained with special emphasis on vegan culture. Students from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the college along with the faculties participated in the event.All the doubts of the participants were cleared in the Question and Answer session by the speaker.Vote of thanks was delivered by Archana Girish of Second year microbiology. Program wound up by 11 AM.

In association with IQAC, the PG Department of Microbiology was conducted a webinar on the topic ‘Plastics: a blessing or curse to mankind’ on 8th September 2021 at 2pm-3pm.The Speaker of the webinar was Nithya Jayan, Assistant Professor, SN College Alathur. The webinar was very interesting and informative for both students and faculties. Radhika R Krishna, Head of the department of microbiology performed the welcome speech.

In the introductory section the speaker explained about types and structure of plastic and its uses and drawbacks. She led a very interesting class on bioplastics too. The microbial remediation system and biodegradation methods of plastic were also well explained. Each and every topic were further more interesting as it approached the biodegradation methods of plastic. A qualitative analysis of enzymes involved in the biodegradation and a detailed class on its mechanisms were the highlights of the webinar. A vision on the hazardous effects of plastic to the environment was emphasised and it generated the serious concerns regarding this major problem in every participants mind. The waste management is the biggest threat to our sustainability. She explained about recycling, reuse and reduce principles of plastic.

In this era, we have to focus on biodegradable plastics and the trending one is bio-plastic “a new gen plastic”. Bioplastics are plastic derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, or micro biota, and other bio wastes. Here we are focusing on synthesis of bio-plastic from bio- wastes such as sugarcane baggase and mixture fruit pulp which includes jackfruit, banana peel, mango, nutmeg, duranian seeds. The use of bioplastics offers significant advantages not only in an ecological sense but also in an economical sense. Types of Bioplastics are Starch-based plastics ,Cellulose-based plastics, Polylactic acid (PLA) ( a transparent plastic produced from cane sugar or glucose), Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) ( a polyester produced by certain bacteria processing glucose, corn starch or wastewater and Bio-derived polyethylene.

After a brief interactive session, the programme was ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Shahana.P, a student of S3 B.Sc Microbiology. A total of 60 students attended the webinar.

PG Department of Biotechnology and IQAC conducted a speech competition on World First Aid Day. Students of S5 Biotechnology co-ordinated the program. So many students from Biotechnology Department took part in the competition. Asna of S5 Biotechnology was selected as the winner of the competition.

PG Department of Biotechnology and IQAC conducted an online Presentation on the topic Immunology.

The program was coordinated by Shinsy.P , HOD, Dept of Biotechnology. Speakers were from S5 BSc Biotechnology. The speakers were from S5 Biotechnology.The presentation was conducted in online platform, Google meet for 2 days, September 9th and 10th, 7 pm to 8 pm. Program anchors were Sheban and Rishana from S5BT. Welcome speech was delivered by Safeeda and Dilsha on the consecutive days. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ayisha safna on the first day. Ardra, Niranjana, Arshida, Helan ,Salna Fathima ,Aiswarya ,Asna and Shifa rubi were the speakers. They talked about various topics in Immunology like Flow cytometry, Flourescence microscopy, Immuno electron microscopy,Immunofluorescence techniques, Cytokines, SCID, AIDS and HLA. Program was concluded with vote of thanks by Manoj , S5BT.

PG Department of Biotechnology and IQAC conducted an online presentation on Deadly viruses. The program was coordinated by Shinsy.P, HOD ,Department of Biotechnology.

The speakers were from S3 BSc Biotechnology. The presentation was conducted in the online platform ,Google meet for 2 days, September 7th and 8th , 7 pm to 8pm.The participants included all the students from BSc and MSc Biotechnology. Programme anchors were Surayya and Saligha. Welcome speech was delivered by Nahala ,S3 BT and Nidanth sebstian ,S3 BT on the consecutive days. Shinsy.P HOD, Ranjusha.V.P and Abdul Samad. C Assistant professors, expressed their felicitations. Chinmaya, Afreen Shahid, Jishma and Aneesha presented on the first day .Vote of thanks was proposed by Adhila.

Sreelakshmi, Thasrifa and Fidha presented on the second day. They talked about different deadly viruses like Nipah, Dengue, Corona, Zika, Chikun gunya , Ebola and Hanta. The presentation covered the Structure ,Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment etc. The program was concluded vote of thanks by Shahala sherin .

A meeting of HoDs, was convened by Dr.B.G Unni (Academic and Research Director) on 08/09/2021 in Online platform. The Director emphasized on the need of urgent implementation of Special Academic Action Programmes and its proper documentation. He also spoke about the future academic plans that various departments should undertake and about the research activities. He stressed more on the need of library utilization by both the students and faculty members and asked to popularise NDLI (National Digital Library of India) usage among students. The HoDs presented a brief review on the action plans of their respective departments. College management representatives Mr.Vasudevan M(Vice Chairman) and Mr.Hamza PT(Director) also shared their views.

The department of computer science and computer application organized a webinar on the topic “Employability in IT Industry” in association with RP2, Kochi on 09/09/2021.

The session was handled by Mr.Sharath Nair, Manager of Talent Acquisition iDataLytics Pvt Ltd. The presenter discussed about the scope of IT jobs in the current industry and in the future also. He conducted an informative session about different designations in the IT Industry which the students can choose in the right way in future. He also discussed about the trending technologies in the IT Industry. The students also acquired some informative points regarding, how to face an interview as a fresher.

On behalf of World Photography Day, Department of Multimedia-GEMS Arts and Science College conducted Inter Department competitions and Webinar series in our college. Students from various Departments actively participated for all competitions and Webinar sessions.

All the entries for the competitions were of high standard and quality.

These competitions gave a platform to all students to exhibit their photography skills.

Webinar Series Named; “Eyes behind the magical frames” .

Interactive Session with prominent photograpghers lead by ,

1. Mr.Sakeer Hussain
The Hindu

2. Mr.Muneer Babu P
Mentor - NiKon,
Creative Director
iluzia lab
Govt Cyber Park-Calicut

Head of the Department Mr.Raghu MD ,Assistant Professor Mr.Prem Daniel

The PG Department of commerce, Gems Arts and Science College conducted a webinar on the Topic “Tax at glance” on 17th August 2021, Tuesday from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. The resource person for the session was TH. JAHFARALI, Assistant professor, Govt. College, Malappuram.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Unneen.T, Assistant Professor, in the presence of our senior faculty members Jabhar sir, Ashraf sir, HOD Shivakumar sir and all other faculty members of PG Department of commerce. He addressed the participants and described the institutional role in convening such programme. The resource person discussed about history of Tax and principles and different heads of Income tax in a simple way. The important points covered were: history of Income Tax Act, Income tax rates, Rebates, principles of Income tax, Annual finance Act, conclusion.

The concluding remarks and vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Unneen, Assistant Professor. The session ended with a round of discussion and participants were given opportunity to clarify their doubts during the last 15 minutes allocated for question answer session. It was an interactive session with active participation by students. The resource person satisfactorily responded all the queries raised by the participants. A total of 90 students attended the seminar.

The technical side of the programme was handled by Mr. Niyaf, Assistant professor. Overall, the webinar got good response.

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