Overview of the Department

The Department of Sociology and Social Work at GEMS was founded in the year 2019 through a merger of the two separate Departments of Sociology and Social Work. Sociology Department was started in the year 2012 and Social Work Department in the year 2015. The department offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, namely BA Sociology and Master of Social Work. The Department also offers a Certificate Course in Counselling offered by Indian Counselors’ Association Kerala.

The Department focus to become a leading centre of Sociology and Social Work Education at the state and national level that nurtures responsible professionals through innovative engagement in competency building, service, research, development, leadership, and knowledge dissemination. The Department also focuses on academic excellence and skill acquisition of students. The department initiates programmes that cater to the emerging needs of the various stakeholders in the society. It undertakes research projects, consultancies, intervention programmes and extension activities, organises seminars, workshops, rural exposure camps and field work as part of its curriculum. The value of learning through service is significantly incorporated in the academic programmes.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (BA Sociology)

Sociology is one of the most fascinating discipline in social sciences. It is a science where sociologists offer theories to explain the social world that we live in, and tests them with systematic observation. Career opportunities for sociology degree are limitless. Candidates can expect careers in research institutions, law firms, public health and welfare organizations, private business, international agencies, education institutions, journalism and many more. Post graduates in sociology often get employment as social researchers, case workers, public relation officers, data analysts etc. In the field of teaching also there are employment opportunities. For IAS aspirants Sociology is good preference. The department offers two complementary courses offer ed by the University of Calicut for sociology students, namely Psychology and Indian Constitution and Politics.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

As the society today becomes more and more complex in its working, the prime slogan of the present world is the survival of the fittest. This has increased the number of helpless, deprived and disadvantaged and here lies the relevance of social work as a profession. Social work utilizes resources to sort out the problems of such marginalized people and try to alleviate their pain and sufferings. There are ample job opportunities for MSW degree holders in both Government as well as non-governmental sectors. This course has great job potential in the modern context as it involves experiential knowledge through regular field work which is the hallmark of modern knowledge accusation. Department offers three specializations, namely Community Development, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and Family and Child Welfare. Specialization specific field work and other activities are conducted regularly by the department. Dissertation and field work are done in appropriate agencies both in the state and outside the state. All these activities are focussed on developing social work skills and attitudes.


Faculty Members
Asst. Professor
MA Sociology, B.Ed, SET
Asst. Professor
MSW, M.Phil, SET
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