The Department of Sociology and Social Work observed the World Tourism day 2020 by organizing a Webinar on the topic “Travel, Culture and Society: Opportunities and Reflections” by Mr. Niyog (Co-founder, Guide From Beyond and Board Member, Manthan Kotri, Rajasthan) on 27th September 2020, Sunday from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. World Tourism Day is an opportunity to recognize the potential of tourism in building a better future for all. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the tourism scenario of the world. World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 across the world. Tourism has the capacity to unite people, which will play an important role in global cooperation in fighting job losses due to the pandemic. As Covid-19 pandemic has hit the tourism industry hardest, World Tourism Day 2020 is an opportunity to recognize the potential of tourism in building a better future for all.

The program began with the welcome address by Ms. Hida Hashili., II BA Sociology, DSSW. She further introduced the speaker and handed over the session. Following the inaugural session, Mr. Niyog, took the lead of the webinar, illustrating the key points of every perspective of the theme. All relevant areas were comprised including the actual meaning behind the words ‘Travel, Culture and Society’. He also explained the opportunities and reflections in the same field. A Question and Answer session was handled to allow participants to get their doubts clarified. Dr Mirshad Rahman T M, HOD, DSSW, concluded the session by summing up the vital points addressed by the resource person. Ms. Najiya Febin, II BA Sociology, DSSW, took the privilege of winding up the session by addressing the vote of thanks.

Organizing Committee
  • Program Moderator
    • Ms. Meghasree, II BA Sociology, DSSW
  • Program Coordinator
    • Ms. Ashitha, Assistant Professor, DSSW
  • Technical Committee
    • Mr. Muhammed Kasim, II MSW, DSSW
    • Mr. Sayyid Thahseen, II MSW, DSSW
  • Communication Committee
    • Mr. Adhil, II BA Sociology, DSSW
    • Mr. Shibli, II BA Sociology, DSSW
    • Mr. Swadiq Ali, II BA Sociology, DSSW
    • Ms. Haripriya, II BA Sociology, DSSW

The Department of Mathematics GEMS Arts and Science College Ramapuram, Conducted a webinar on the topic “An Introductory talk on Mathematics of Data Science” on 24th September 2020 Thursday from 2pm to 4pm. The resource person for the session was Mr. Mohammed Nishad, Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Mathematics, Farook College Kozhikkode.

The programme began with the welcome address by Ms. Shahanas (S3 Mathematics). She further introduced the speaker and handed over the session. There were almost 85resgistration for webinar on the day. A Question and Answer session was handled to allow students to get their doubts clarified. Mr.Naseef Thangal , S5 Mathematics took the privilege of winding up the session by addressing the vote of thanks . After the session E-certificates were issued to the participants o successful submission of the feedback form produced.

The Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology, GEMS Arts and Science College conducted 10-days national e-conference on “Current Trends in Life Sciences” from 14th to 23rd September 2020.

The inaugural session was started at 2.30 PM with welcome speech of Dr.Naveen Mohan, Principal. The presidential address was delivered by Dr. B.G Unni , Director(Academics and Research). The e-conference was inaugurated by Mr.Manjalamkuzhi Ali, honourable MLA and ex minister, Chairman, GEMS Arts and Science College. The programme coordinator Dr.Finose A (Assistant Professor in Biochemistry) introduced all the speakers in each sessions. The felicitation address was delivered by Shri M.Vasudevan (Vice chairman) GEMS College and Shri. P.T Hamsa (Management committee member).

After the inauguration, Shincy.P (Head of the Dept. of Biotechnology) introduced the speaker of the day, Prof. Abhay Kumar Pandey (Former Head Biochemistry, Allahabad Central University, Allahabad). Prof. Abhay Kumar Pandey presented a lecture on the topic “Oxidative stress and associated complication”. On the second day, Prof. D. Girija (Retd. Professor and Registrar, Agricultural Microbiology , Kerala Agricultural University) presented a lecture on the topic “Microbes for waste management”. On the third day of the webinar, the session was on the topic “Nursery diseases, types of pathogens and control measures”. And was presented by Dr.G.E.Mallikarjuna Swamy (Senior Scientist,Dept of Forest Pathology, Kerala Forest Research Institute). On the fourth day, Prof. Pranab Goswami (Biosensors and Biofuel Cell, Indian Institute Of Technology, Guahati, Assam) presented a lecture on the topic “Biofuel Cell:A Smart Sensing Device for Advance Healthcare Application” and on the fifth day, Prof. Dhruva Kumar Jha (professor,Dept of Botany, Guahati University,Guahati, Assam) presented a lecture on the topic “Application of microbial consortium for bioremediation of coal mine spills”. On the sixth day, Dr.Debdutta Bhattacharya (Scientist/ Asst. Director (microbiology), Indian council Medical Research (Regional Medical Research Centre),Bhubaneswar Orissa) presented a lecture on the topic “COVID 19: the current scenario and way forward”. On the seventh day, Dr.Bula Choudhury (Senior Scientist, Gouhati Biotech Park, IIT Gouhati, Assam) presented a lecture on the topic “Entrepreneurship through innovation”. On the eighth day, Dr.Prasenjit Manna (Ramalinga Swamy Fellow and Senior Scientist, CSIR North East Institute Of Science and Technology)presented a lecture on the topic “New Perspective of an old Vitamin”. On the nineth day, Prof. Arun Lahiri Mazumder (INSA Senior Scientist, Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute, Kolkata) presented a lecture on the topic “How plants respond to environmental stress?”. On the last day of the conference, Dr.Sanjay K Banerjee (Associate Professor, National Institue of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Guahati, Assam) presented a lecture on the topic “vitamin D deficiency and cardiometabolic syndrome: A study from bed to bench”. Each sessions were concluded by discussing the queries from the participants.

Following the last scientific session, the valedictory session was conducted at 3.30 PM. The welcome speech was done by Principal Dr.Naveen Mohan. Presidential address was delivered by Advisor and Academic director ,Dr.B.G Unni. Prof. Abhay Kumar Pandey, Prof. Pranab Goswami, Prof. D.Girija and Dr.Sanjay K Banerjee participated in the occassion. The felicitation Address was delivered by Shri.Vasudevan and Shri P.T Hamza. The program was concluded with the valedictory address and vote of thanks by Dr.Finose A, the Program Coordinator.

There were almost 600 registrations for the webinar and out of them 200 participants including Undergraduates, Post graduates, Research Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows and faculties from various Universities all over India participated on each day. After each session e-certificates were issued to the participants on successful submission of the feedback form provided.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College conducted a Student Development Programme Webinar Series - 10.

The webinar focused on the topic “Academic Writing for Sociology: Do’s and Don’ts” on 26th September 2020, Saturday from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. The program began with the welcome address by Ms. Meghasree., III BA Sociology, DSSW. She further introduced the speaker and handed over the session.

Following the inaugural session, Dr Saju K. Nair, Assistant Professor of the Post Graduate Department of Sociology at The Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan, Calicut, took the lead of the webinar, illustrating the key points of every perspective of the theme.

All relevant areas were comprised including why Academic Writing is necessary to be practiced and what are the reasons behind the Do’s and Don’ts mentioned. A Question and Answer session was handled to allow students to get their doubts clarified.

Mr. Aneesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, DSSW, concluded the session by summing up the vital points addressed in the session. Ms. Maneesha, III BA Sociology, took the privilege of winding up the session by addressing the vote of thanks.

Organizing Committee
  • Program Moderator
    • Mrs. Ashitha, Assistant Professor, DSSW
  • Program Coordinator
    • Mr. Aneesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, DSSW
  • Technical Committee
    • Mr. Muhammed Kasim, II MSW
    • Mr. Sayyid Thahseen, II MSW
  • Advertising and Communication Committee
    • Ms. Shilpa, II BA Sociology
    • Ms. Meghasree, II BA Sociology
    • Ms. Muneera, III BA Sociology
    • Ms. Maneesha, III BA Sociology

The Department of Sociology and Social work, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram observed the International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer, on 16th September by conducting a ‘Essay Writing’ competition among the students as part of the Student Development Programme series - 09. We know that Ozone saves Earth from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without an Ozone layer harmful rays of the sun would reach us and harm us and also holes in ozone can affect plants. So, we should spread awareness about Ozone depletion on this day. The competition was conducted among the students of GEMS Arts and Science college on 16/09/2020 and best three essays selected and results were announced by the faculties of Department of Sociology and Social Work and student representatives.

  • First prize – Ms. Aishwarya Surendhran (S5 Sociology)
  • Second prize – Ms. Husmina Beegam (S5 Microbiology)
  • Third prize – Ms. Haripriya (S5 Sociology)
Student Coordinators (Team 10)
  • Jiya (S5 Sociology)
  • Jaseel (S5 Sociology)
  • Gopika (S5 Sociology)
  • Murshidha (S5 Sociology)
  • Sanjith Babu (S5 Sociology)

The Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College conducted student development programme webinar series – 8. The webinar focused on the topic “Basic of webinar: Tools and techniques for beginners” on 12th September 2020 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. The webinar was exclusively for undergraduate, postgraduate students and faculties across Kerala.

The programme begun with the welcome speech of Ms. Minu Mariyam (II MSW student). After the welcome speech, Resource person Mr. Anoos Babu P K (Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram) lead the session on the title 'Basics of webinar: Tools and Techniques for Beginners’. He discussed about Designing of posters/brochures, made a comparison between different virtual platforms, E-Certificate developing, how to host and attending a webinar. He also discussed about importance of advertising webinars.

The session was very informative for the participants. There were more than 100 participants in Google Meet and YouTube live streaming, including faculties, students and professionals from various institutions across India. After the session there was a Question and Answer session to clarify the doubts of participants. After that there was a feedback session. The feedback was given by Ms. Tina Davis and Ms. Shabana. After the feedback from the resource person, the webinar was winded up with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Midhuna (II MSW student) by 4:30 pm.

  • Programme Coordinator
    • Ms. Ashitha. J, Assistant Professor
  • Moderator of the Webinar
    • Ms. Narghees, II MSW
  • Technical Committee
    • Mr. Kasim, II MSW
    • Mr. Shajas, II MSW
    • Mr. Sayyid Thahseen, II MSW
  • Advertisement and Communication Committee
    • Mrs. Jishana, II MSW
    • Ms. Praveena, II MSW
    • Ms. Praseetha, II MSW
    • Ms. Maneesha, III BA Sociology
    • Ms. Muneera, III BA Sociology
    • Ms. Shilpa, II BA Sociology
    • Mr. Jamsheed, II BA Sociology

A National Webinar was conducted by the Department of Sociology and Social work, Gems Arts and Science College, Malappuram on the topic “Mental Health and wellness of Educators During COVID-19” for the faculties on 08th September 2020 at 2.30 PM. It was led by the resource person Ms. Arundhathi Chandran, Doctoral Fellow, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai (Former Assistant Professor of Social work at Central University of Karnataka). The programme started at 2. 30 pm and was moderated by Mr. Arun (Assistant Professor). The welcome speech was given by Ms. Anju Haridas (Assistant Professor). The Inaugural session was led by Academic and Research Director Dr. B. G Unni. Mr. Vasudevan, Vice chairman and Principal Dr. Naveen Mohan felicitated and convey their wishes for the programme. The addressing and invitation of the resource person was delivered by Mr. Aneesh (Assistant Professor).

The session was started almost at 2.45 pm by the resource person Ms. Arundhathi Chandran. The session begins by explaining about Mental health. The session includes all aspects like teacher’s stress, tasks etc. and also methods and techniques like empty chair technique and also include tips to manage time to reduce stress and proper management of work. There were almost 50 participants for the webinar and out of them few were from outside Kerala. The mode of language of session was in English. The session was so informative as the resource person presented it with much clarity and effectively. The session finishes at 3.30 pm. After the session the concluding remarks was done by Dr. B. G Unni. The feedback was given by Mr. Vasudevan. The vote of thanks was led by Ms. Ashitha (Assistant Professor).

  • Faculty Coordinator
    • Mr. Aneesh Kumar, Assistant Professor
  • Moderator of the Webinar
    • Mr. Arun. K, Assistant Professor

    Students Coordinators
  • Technical Committee
    • Mr. Kasim, II MSW
    • Mr. Shajas, II MSW
    • Ms. Jiya James, III BA Sociology
    • Fathima Thasneem, II BA Sociology
  • Communication Committee
    • Mrs. Sasiya, II MSW
    • Ms. Huda, II MSW
    • Ms. Muneera, III, BA Sociology
    • Ms. Ajna, II BA Sociology

The School of Behavioral Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala in association with Department of Sociology and Social work, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram, Department of Social Work BVM Holy cross college, Cherpunkal, Department of Social Work, AWH Special College, Calicut conducted a National webinar on the topic “Social Work Profession and Covid-19 pandemic”, including two important sub themes. The first theme was social “social workers and occupational stress”, followed by the second theme, “vulnerable groups and covid-19” on 13th September 2020 Sunday from 10 am to 1.45 pm.

The programme was begun with welcome speech of Mr. Arun.M (Coordinator, NSWPC 2020, faculty, MASDS School of Behavioral Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The Presidential address was delivered by Dr. Rajeev Kumar. N (Prof. and Director, School of Behavioral Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam).

The webinar was inaugurated by Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali, Hon’ble MLA and Ex minister, Chairman, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram. He mentioned about the current situation of covid -19 pandemic and he appreciated all the social workers who have put a great effort in this pandemic.

After inaugural session the keynote address was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Sabu Thomas, (Honb’le vice chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam). In the keynote address, he briefed about how Kerala is surviving the current situation, and he appreciated on the right steps that Kerala is taking including physical and social distancing, methods for tracing covid patients in different parts of the state etc.

The key note address was followed by felicitation and it was delivered by Dr. B. Unni (Academic and Research Director, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram). He talked about the importance of webinar on this pandemic condition and he also appreciated all the organizers of the webinar.

Dr. Mirshad Rahman T. M (Vice–chairman, NSWPC 2020, HOD, Department of Sociology and Social work, GEMS Arts and Science college, Malappuram.), described about scope of the webinar. He focused on the aim of the webinar and the importance of social workers in covid- 19 pandemic. He also mentioned about the challenges faced by the social workers in this pandemic situation.

First session of the National webinar begun at 11.00 am. Mrs. Anju P.H (Assistant Professor) introduced the speaker, Mr. Francis Moothedan Raphel (Project Director and Chief trainer, MMM, IRCA, MOSC Medical college hospital, Kolenchery, Kerala). The topic of the session was “Social workers and occupational stress”. The session was started by mentioning stress and he described about various topics such as, occupation stress, vicarious trauma, covid-19 and social work. The session was very informative.

Second session was on the topic “Vulnerable groups and Covid-19”. Mr. Arun. K (Vice- chairman, NSWPC 2020 and Assistant Professor, GEMS ASC), introduced the speaker, Dr. Alan Godfrey (Assistant professor, Department of Social Work, St. Joseph College, Bangalore). The session was started by mentioning vulnerable communities like scheduled tribes, women, children, unorganized laborers, person with disabilities. He also shared social work perspectives

    1. Dr. K M Mustafa (Chairman, NSWPC2020) Faculty of Behavioural Sciences and Director, IRLD Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
    2. Dr. Mirshad Rahman T. M (Vice-Chairman, NSWPC 2020) HOD, Department of Sociology and Social Work GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram
    3. Mr. Sajo Joy (Vice-Chairman, NSWPC 2020) Faculty, Department of Social Work BVM Holy Cross College, Cherpunkal
    4. Mr. Sujesh. K. (Vice-Chairman, NSWPC 2020) HOD, Department of Social Work AWH Special College, Calicut
    5. Mr. Arun K. (Vice-Chairman, NSWPC 2020) Assistant Professor GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram
    6. Mr. Arun.M M. (Co-ordinator, NSWPC 2020) Faculty, MASWDS School of Behavioural Sciences Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
  • Moderator of the Webinar
    • Huda Ali (II year MSW Student DSSW, GEMS ASC)
  • Technical Committee
    1. Muhammed Kasim (II MSW, GEMS ASC)
    2. Sayyid Muhammed (II MSW, GEMS ASC)
    3. Shajas Ahmed (II MSW, GEMS ASC)
  • Communication and Reporting Committee
    1. Sasiya Afrin. M (II MSW, GEMS ASC)
    2. Narghees. A (II MSW, GEMS ASC)
    3. Hasna. P (II MSW, GEMS ASC)
    4. Riya Mary (I MASWDS)
    5. Sayana Sunny (I MASWDS)
    6. Amalu Boban (I MASWDS)
    7. Anjaly A.K (II MSW, BVM HCC)
    8. Kanav (II MSW, AWH)

The PG Department of commerce, Gems Arts and Science College conducted a webinar on the Topic “New Education policy 2020, Implications on higher Education” on 14th September 2020, Monday from to The resource person for the session was Dr. Zainul Abid Kotta, Associate professor and Head, PG and Research Department of English, Govt. College, Malappuram.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Sivakumar, HOD, PG Department of commerce. He addressed the participants and described the institutional role in convening such programme. Mr. Unneen, Assistant Professor being the webinar moderator, introduced the resource person Dr. Zainul Abid. The resource person discussed the New Education Policy 2020 and its implications on higher Education. The important points covered were: National higher education regulatory

Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology proudly presenting Ten days e- conference on “Current Trends in Life sciences”. An independently organized Webinar event happening from 14th to 23rd September 2020. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea focused, and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, wonder and provoke conversations in that matter. The targeted audience are Academicians, Researchers, Educators, Mentors, Instructors, Students and Industry personnel’s. Inaugural function will be held on 14.09.2020, by honourable Chairman Shri. Manjalankuzhi Ali.

Other Priorities for the function : Adviser- Dr. B.G Unni (Academic and research Director) , Convener- Dr. Naveen Mohan ( Principal-GEMS ASC), Coordinator – Dr. Finose A (Assistant Professor –Biochemistry), Joint Coordinators – Ms.Shincy P and Radhika R Krishna.

Schedule of the Event
REGISTRATION LINK For Updates and Schedule
Our Speakers:-
1. Prof .Abhay Kumar Pandey
Professor and Former Head, Biochemistry, Allahabad Central University, Allahabad
2. Prof. D. Girija
Professor, Agricultural Microbiology and Registrar Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala
3. Dr. G.E Mallikarjuna Swamy
Senior Scientist, Department of Forest Pathology Kerala Forest Research Institute, Kerala
4. Prof .Pranab Goswami
Professor, Biosensors and Biofuel cell Indian Institute of Technology Gauhati, Assam
5. Prof . R.S Verma
Professor, Stem cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences Department of Biotechnology, IIT, Chennai
6. Dr. Debdutta Bhattacharya
Scientist D/Asst Director (Microbiology) ICMR (Regional Medical Research Centre) Bhubaneswar, Orissa
7. Dr. Bula Choudhury
Senior Scientist, Gauhati Biotech Park IIT,Gauhati, Assam
8. Dr. Prasenjit Manna
Ramalingaswamy fellow and Senior Scientist DSIR- Govt of India, Jorhat, Assam
9. Prof .Arun Lahiri Mazumder
INSA Senior Scientist Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute Kolkata
10. Dr. Sanjay Banerjee
Assistant Professor National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Gauhati, Assam

The Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram observed the National teacher’s day on 05th September by conducting a ‘Letter writing’ competition among the students as part of the Student Development Program series – 06. Our Indian culture has taught us that Guru is everything after Mother and Father. Every teacher’s day goes by with memories of teachers. This competition was organized by the Team 10 on the title “Prakasham Pakarana Adhyapakar” to remember and thank the teachers who shed light on students and their lives.

The competition was conducted among the students of GEMS Arts and Science College and best three letters selected and results were announced by the faculties of Department of Sociology and Social Work and student representatives.

  • First Prize – Ms. Jiya James (S5 Sociology)
  • Second Prize – Ms. Jeeshna (S5 English)
  • Third prize – Ms. Fida Jubin (S3 Sociology)
Student Coordinators (Team 10)
  • Muneera (S5 Sociology)
  • Maneesha (S5 Sociology)
  • Linsha Mol (S5 Sociology)
  • Mahesh (S5 Sociology)

The PG Department of Commerce, Gems Arts and Science College conducted a webinar on the topic “Introduction to Financial markets and Basics of Technical Analysis” on 26th August, 2020 in collaboration with MaverixPro Team. The session was led by Ms. Priyamvada Deshpande CFA, FR MENTOR of MaverixPro Trading Mentorship Program. The session began with discussion about the Financial Markets followed by the Fundamental Analysis. The second half of the session revolved around the Basics of Trading Analysis, Trading Charts and its types. It was an interactive session with active participation by students and faculty members. A total of 75 students attended the seminar. The seminar concluded with questions from the students. It was very informative seminar which was thoroughly enjoyed by both the teachers and the students. The students gained good insight into the Financial Markets and how it functions.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College conducted a webinar focused on the topic “Being Disabled in a Contemporary Society” on 05th September 2020, Saturday from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm as part of the Student Development Program.

The program began with the welcome address by Ms. Ashitha R.J., Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work. After the Welcome speech, Ms. Fidha Jubin, II year Sociology student explained the scope of the webinar, the significance of the topic and acquainting the Honorable guest, Dr Habeeb Chulliyil, State Vice President of the Kerala Federation of the Blind as well as the Assistant Professor and Research Supervisor in the Department of English, Farook College, Calicut.

Following the inaugural session, Dr Habeeb Chulliyil took the lead of the webinar, illustrating the key points of every perspective of the theme. All relevant areas were comprised including how a Society regards a Disabled person, recounting his own experiences and encounters in life. He also shared his pathway to success, what motivated him and what made him the personality he is today. A Question and Answer session was handled to allow students to get their doubts clarified.

Dr Mirshad Rahman T. M, HOD of Sociology and Social Work Department concluded the session by summing up the vital points addressed in the session. Ms. Fathima Fidha took the privilege of winding up the session by addressing the vote of thanks.

Warm regards Programme Committee DSSW, GEMS ASC
  • Programme Coordinator
    • Ms. Ashitha R.J. (Assistant Professor)
  • Student Coordinators
    • Shilpa Vasudevan (Moderator and Team leader)
  • Technical Committee
    • Rinsha P
    • Ismail
    • Shahabas
    • Fidha
  • Communication Committee
    • Irshad
    • Aishwarya
    • Sahana
    • Vafira
    • Shahna

The Department of Sociology Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College conducted student development programme webinar series - 05. The national level webinar focused on the topic “Orientation to Qualitative Research” on 23rd August 2020, Sunday from 2.30 pm to 4.30pm.

The programme begun with the welcome speech of Ms. Hasna. P, the student coordinator (MSW 3rd semester student). The programme was inaugurated by Dr. B Unni, Director Academic and Research at GEMS Arts and Science College. In the inaugural address, Director Academic and Research mentioned the importance of research in covid-19 pandemic, and other disaster time like flood, landslide etc. He also mentioned that students should take initiatives on social relevance research for contributing social well-being of the community.

After the inaugural session Mr. Vasudevan, Vice chairman of GEMS Arts Science college facilitated the gathering. Vice chairman mentioned the importance of research and stated that the research findings should contribute to the welfare of nation. He also discussed the role of higher educational institutions to empower the students through webinars and he stated that the education institution must light up the community through their community extension programs.

After the felicitation, Mr. Arun, Assistant Professor and the programme coordinator of the webinar introduced the resource person Dr. Sasikala. A. S, Assistant Professor and HOD, Department of Humanities and Social Science, GITAM School of Gandhian studies, GITAM deemed to be university Visakhapatnam.

After the inaugural session, Dr. Sasikala. A. S lead the session by explaining the key features of Qualitative Research in Social Sciences. The important points covered were; why research, the importance of literature review, specific qualitative approach, Ethnographic research, grounded theory and also how to write qualitative research proposal.

After the question and answering session, Dr. Mirshad Rahman T. M, HOD of Sociology and Social Work Department concluded the session by sum up the important points discussed in the session. He also explained the status of Qualitative research in recent times and delivered valuable insights on the importance of doing Qualitative Research and discussed about how to conduct qualitative research during this pandemic period and its importance.

The session was very informative for the participants, there were more than 100 participants across India, faculties, delegates, research scholars, social workers, students and other professionals from various universities and organizations participated in the national webinar.

  • Programme Convenor
    • Dr. Mirshad Rahman T M (Assistant Professor and Head)
  • Programme Coordinator
    • Mr. Arun (Assistant Professor)
  • Organizing Committee
    • Mr. Aneesh (Assistant Professor and Coordinator- Sociology)
    • Ms. Ashitha (Assistant Professor)
    • Mrs. Anju (Assistant Professor)
  • Student Coordinators
    • Ms. Hasna. P (Coordinator)
    • Ms. Huda Ali (Moderator)
    • Ms. Sujisha
    • Mrs. Sasiya
  • Technical support
    • Mr. Mohammed Kasim
    • Mr. Sayyid Mohammed Thahseen Bahassan
    • Mr. Shajas Ahammed

GEMS Arts and Science College organized an online discussion on 5th and 19th August 2020 on the social relevant topic 'Landslide'. Expert speakers participated in the discussion were Professor Hemant Hazarika from Kyushu University Japan, Dr.VS Sarma, Former chief scientist of CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute Hyderabad, Dr.Sreekumar Director Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Palakkad Kerala, Dr.Manoj Phukan and Dr.Sanjay Deori Scientists from CSIR North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat Assam, Dr.Bikash Gogoi from Gauhati University, Dr.Arnab Bodmudoi from Assam down town university Dr.Tapos Goswami from Dibrugarh University, Dr.Bibash Nandan from Geological Survey of India NE region, Vice Chairman, Principal and the faculties of GEMS Arts and Science College Malappuram Kerala. The discussion was moderated by Dr. B.G. Unni, the Academic and Research Director of the College. Dr.Unni in his introductory speech said that the main objective of the discussion is to plan for a larger mega project on landslides possible funding for the project, major sites (North east region, Kerala), and other technical aspects. The panel members attended the meeting put forward the following suggestions. Professor Hement Hazarika put forward the possibility of availability of funding to this mega project from the Japanese government (JSPS/JST/JICA) apart from the Indian funding agencies like UGC,CSIR and DST etc. He said, first of all we should have found out the major reasons for the slope failure in the particular area that was mentioned in the topic. After that we can decide what kind of studies are to be done in the particular area. EWS(Early Warning System) is very essential. Most important thing is that we have to visit the site of the landslide to know the reason for the slides and then we should go for mitigation studies. Geotextiles wont work with the deep landslides. Dr.V.S Sharma, Rainfall data in areas to be collected and it should be supplemented well with Geo Engineering Dr. Bikash Gopi said the differences in the geological perspectives are the reason for the landslides and the presence of red soil and humus causes the slope failure in the many Landslide areas. Information Dr. G.K. Gopalakrishnan suggested his opinion about the causes of the Landslide in August 2019 in the Malappuram district. was due to the record breaking unusual rainfall. There are several geological and other factors which may influence the possibility of forecasting of slope failure. Dr. Manoj Pukhan put forward the tectonic and rain induced landslides are most common in nature. Dr. Subin Prakash put forward the causes of landslides in Kerala may be the excessive weathering of pre-existing rocks. Vasu Devan (Vice Chairman) said that the un-scientific quarrying in the different part of the district may be one of the causes of landslides in the district. According to Dr.Sreekumar, Artificial Intelligence based forecasting systems are the need of the hour for tracking landslides. Soil piping is a major problem in areas like Wayanad and Geotextiles may be used for strengthening fragile land Dr. Bashab Mahanta said that Landslide susceptibility Tests are being done, and by 2022 it will be completed in North East India. The EWS trial run is undergoing in Darjeeling and it will be extended to other parts of the country. According to Dr.Tapos Goswami, Areas prone to landslides are well demarcated. EWS with regard to rain can be given as it is practiced in the North East. Traditional methods of doing a project on landslides won’t work instead mitigation or remedial measures with EWS is what we need. Urbanization in hilly areas and unscientific constructions is the major cause of landslides in the North East. Dr. Naveen Mohan, Principal of the college mentioned that the extensive deforestation is one of the major causes of Landslides happening in the Puthumala, Wayanad. In conclusion Dr.Unni, Director Academic and Research of the college put forward the following future plan regarding the formulation of mega project. The mega project will be coordinated by one coordinator and one joint coordinator .Prof Hemant Hazarika from Japan and Prof VS Sharma will be the technical adviser/Consultants. The panel members from NE region may submit their project proposal to Dr.Arnab Mudoi and from Southern part, may submit to office to Director Academics and Research / Principal, and a copy of the same to office of the Director IRTC on or before 21stSeptember in the template (DST format) .to the respective coordinating panel members. The final project proposal will be submitted to Department of Science and Technology (SERB under Earth Sciences), and to the respective Ministry of Earth sciences of central and state govt agencies too. At the end, the vice chairman appreciated for the efforts for organizing such very important meeting.

As part of Student Development Program, the Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram conducted a webinar on the topic; Research: Myths and Misconceptions, Pragmatic researching – an insider story on 16th August 2020 (Sunday) from 2:30 pm to 4 pm. The program begun with the welcome speech of Ms. Narghees A, the student coordinator (3rd Semester MSW). Dr. Naveen Mohan, the Principal of GEMS Arts and Science College officially inaugurated the program. In his words, he mentioned some of his experiences and memories of research works during his PhD. After the inaugural session, resource person Mr. Krishnanunni Chemmathu, Research Scholar, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Tamil Nadu and Fellow - ICSSR lead the session by defining the main title of the webinar i.e. research and also mentioned about the things that we shouldn’t do during the time of research. He discussed about the misconceptions as well as the myths which are existing in the field of research. He also explained about the importance of doing research and “why should we do research?”. After the session Dr. Mirshad Rahman T M, Head of Department of Sociology and Social Work, delivered the felicitation to the program and also shared his view points and experiences of conducting research work. The session was very informative for the participants and there were more than 100 participants including faculties and students from various institutions such as SNDP College, Perinthalmanna, Ideal College, Cherpulassery, Nethaji College, Nemmara, Ideal College, Thavanur, Mercy College, Palakkad and Sree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit etc. also tried to be part of the webinar. Faculties like Mr. Arun K (Program Coordinator), Mr. Aneesh, Mrs. Anju Haridas and Ms. Ashitha also participated in the webinar on behalf of the Department of Sociology and Social Work. The participants used the Question and Answer session for clarify their doubts. After that there was a feedback session, the feedbacks were given by Ms. Divya (Faculty, SNDP College Perinthalmanna), Mr. Kasim A H (3rd Semester MSW Student GEMS Arts and Science College) etc. The webinar was winded up with the vote of thanks by Mrs. Kuloodh P, 3rd Semester MSW Student by 4:30 p m.

A webinar was conducted by the Department of Sociology and Social work, GEMS Arts and Science College, Malappuram in association with Attapadi Adivasi Development Initiative (AADI), Palakkad, on 24-7-2020, 2.30 pm onwards as part of 2nd semester online internship of at AADI. The webinar was on the topic- Empowerment and Protecting Children During COVID -19 Outbreak, by Mr. Saleem. C P, District Childline Coordinator, Malappuram. The session was begun with a welcome speech by Mrs. Sasiya Afrin, MSW 3rd semester student and a trainee of AADI. The Inaugural session was held by Mr. Vasudevan, Vice Chairman of GEMS college. The welcoming of resource person was done by the Head of the Department, Dr. Mirshad Rahman. T. M. The session was very informative as the resource person was of much experienced with his profession. There were almost 70 participants of different status like students, professionals, parents etc. in the webinar. The session was mentored by Ms. Sujisha and Ms. Midhuna who were MSW 3rd semester students and trainee of AADI. The session was hosted by Mr. Sayyed Thahseen. The session was effective and interactive. In the session Mr. Saleem CP resource person discussed about child rights, POCSO Act, child abuse, parenting care, and he also shared his experiences and added his suggestions related with child abuse. The session also includes power point presentation and it continues for almost 2 hours. After the session there was a feedback session. The feedbacks were given by Fr. Lenin Antony, Director of AADI, Mr. Vibinlal, Project coordinator of AADI, Dr. Mirshad Rahman T M, HOD and some of the delegates and mentors. The feedback results were good. The webinar was winded up with a vote of thanks by Ms. Praveena, MSW 3rd semester student and a trainee of AADI at 4.30 pm.

A national webinar was conducted by the Department of Sociology and Social Work of GEMS Arts and Science college, Malappuram in association with Attappady Adivasi Development Initiative (AADI), Palakkad on the topic Modern Perceptions on Gender and Role of Social Works in Gender Issues on 22nd July 2020. The session was begun with the welcome speech of Mr. Sayyid Tahseen, social work trainee and was inaugurated by Fr. Lenin Antony SJ, the director of AADI. Ms. Mary Neethu, a school social worker and psycho social counselor lead the session from 2:45PM onwards, defining the topic. She tried to indicate the problems that are faced by the Trans people, whether it's a men or women in various dimensions of social and family life. She also introduced one of her friend Ms. Nishana to share her experience as Trans women, such as when she identified that she was transgender, how her family treated her being a transgender, difficulty to have education as well as job opportunities as per their qualification.

The session was very informative for the participants and there were more than 100 participants from various states such as Karnataka, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Delhi etc. who tried to be part of the webinar. The participants used the interactive session very effectively to shoot their doubts and to understand many things and aspects that are related with transgender, such as Constitutional provisions, surgeries, issues faced by Trans people and roles of social workers in gender issues etc. The webinar winded up with vote of thanks by Mrs. Fathima Nazrin, social work trainee from GEMS Arts and Science College who does her virtual placement at AADI by 04:30PM.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College in association with Attapadi Adivasi Development Initiative (AADI), Palakkad organized a webinar on 17/07/2020 (Friday) from to 11.45am on the topic “MENTAL HEALTH AND COVID-19”. Fr. PS Antony SJ was given an introduction to the webinar, after that Ms. Serin Anto, social work trainee welcomed the resource person and participants to the webinar.

The resource person Mansoor. K. (HOD) Assistant Professor of Safa Arts and Science College Malappuram explained the topic Mental health and Covid 19 very well. Resource person discussed about the corona virus symptoms, Psychological First Aid, consequences of critical incidents often include loss, stress in rescue and recovery phase, and psyche social problems. At the end of the session participants asked the questions and cleared the doubts.

After the end of the interactive session Mr. Sayyid Tahseen, social work trainee delivered the vote of thanks.

The department of Computer Science and BCA organised a webinar on Artificial Intelligence and IOT in Association with Futura Lab Technologies, Calicut.

The first session of the webinar was handled by Mrs. Sheeba, Senior Developer with the field experience of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for 6 years. The presenter passed a basic idea of how human intelligence can be defined in a way that a machine can easily mimic it and execute tasks. And showed some videos regarding learning, reasoning and perception of artificial intelligence.

The second session was handled by Mr. Manikandan, his major field is Internet of Things (IOT) and has experience of 11 years in the same. This session dealt the different objects and sensors of digital intelligence that communicate with real time data without involving a human being. The presenter's slide described the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software and other Technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

Some of participants asked doubts and answered the presenter through the chat box. Participation Certificate was provided to all the participants.

The Department of Computer Science and BCA organized a webinar on CYBER SECURITY: The Basic Sense. The session was handled by Mr. Anoos Babu PK, Head of the Department, Computer Science. Around 40 students participated in the same.

The session was focused on spreading awareness among students on various kinds of cyber-attacks and mechanisms available to prevent these threats. The speaker addressed different terms related with cyber security like phishing, spyware, firewall, vulnerability, malware, Social Engineering, ransomware to students. It also helped the students to know the importance of keeping digital data safe.

The students got an opportunity to clarify doubts related to the topic and E-Certificate was distributed to each participant.

The department of Computer Science and BCA organized a free webinar on Modern Application Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking in association with Red Team Hacker Academy, Calicut.

The session was handled by Mr.Sumesh, Sr.Cyber Security Instructor at Red Team hacker Academy and more than 50 students participated in the same.

He gave a brief idea of penetration testing in Website and hacking in ethical way through website. Students who participated were given a session to clear doubt regarding hacking and penetration testing. He demonstrated the penetration testing in website.

As we jointly combat COVID 19 by taking preventive and precautionary measures, maintaining social distancing and staying in the confines of our homes, we can utilise this time productively by engaging in On-line learning. Following is the list of some of the ICT initiatives along with their access links:

1. SWAYAM On-line Courses:
It provides access to best teaching learning resources which were earlier delivered on the SWAYAM Platform may be now viewed by any learner free of cost without any registration.
It hosts learning material of the SWAYAM UG and PG (Non-Technology) archived courses.
3. e-PG Pathshala:
It hosts high quality, curriculum-based, interactive e- content containing 23,000 modules ( e-text and video) in 70 Post Graduate disciplines of social sciences, arts, fine arts and humanities, natural and mathematical sciences.,
4. e-Content courseware in UG subjects :
e-content in 87 Undergraduate courses with about 24,110 e-content modules
It is a group of 32 DTH channels providing high quality educational curriculum based course contents covering diverse disciplines.
6. CEC-UGC YouTube channel:
It provides access to unlimited educational curriculum based lectures absolutely free.
7. National Digital Library:
It is a digital repository of a vast amount of academic content in different formats and provides interface support for leading Indian languages for all academic levels including researchers and life-long learners, all disciplines, all popular form of access devices and differently-abled learners.
8. Shodhganga :
It is a digital repository platform of 2,60,000 Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access.
9. e-Shodh Sindhu:
It provides current as well as archival access to more than 15,000 core and peer-reviewed journals and a number of bibliographic, citation and factual databases in different disciplines.
10. Vidwan
It is a database of experts which provides information about experts to peers, prospective collaborators, funding agencies policy makers and research scholar in the country.

The Department of Physical Education conducted Annual Sports meet “El-Dorado 2020” on 25-02-2020. The former Indian Football player Mr. I M Vijayan inaugurated the meet. The presidential address was given by Mr. Mohamed Navas K, college Vice Principal.

The students were divided into four groups named Inayath Khaleel, Adheera, Garuda and Androse. The group Inayath Khaleel won the first place. Shilpa( s4 Sciology), and Ashiq(s6BCA) were elected as best athlete women and men respectively. Vice Principal Mr. Mohamed Navas K distributed certificates and trophies for the winners.

On the occasion of National Science Day celebration a lecture entitled “The impact of waste on health and waste management” was delivered by Dr. B.G Unni ,Director –Academic and Research on 9th March at the college campus. The faculty and the students of the college attended the lecture.

Dr.B.G Unni in his talk initially briefed about the importance of National science day and then delivered speech on various types of waste and its impact on health and management . In his talk he gave a detail explanation on the following points such as classification of waste according to their properties, biodegradable and no biodegradable, classification of waste according to their effects on human health and the environment,such as human affects on health ,on socio-economic condition and coastal and marine environment and on our own climate.

Dr.Unni also explained the various ways and means to reduce the accumulation of waste ,recycling of waste and formation of useful products from waste. He also mentioned the importance of conducting outreach programme adopting and ecologically sound waste management system. He said that natural environment as a key influence on health, and well being can provide essential ecosystem services, enhanced bio diversity and social benefits. We must create and maintain green spaces that provide for recreation exercise, amenity and local food.

He concluded his talk with a very important message regarding the necessary precautionary steps to be taken by all of us as per the “WHO ” suggestion with respect to the recent Corona virus infection. The lecture was benefitted to the students and others attended the function

A talk on Bio-safety and Good laboratory practices was delivered by Dr.B.G Unni ,DirectorAcademics and Research,GEMS College at 2 pm on 24.02.2020 for the under graduate and post graduate students, faculties of college. The talk emphasised the importance, relevance and precautionary measures to be taken while dealing with biological samples inside and outside the laboratories. Biosafety levels I-IV was explained with its relevance in the present scenario by Dr.B.G Unni . He also reminded about the safety measures we have to take care of while travelling.

He released the handbook entitled bio-safety guidelines, rules ,regulations and protocols and the video instructions regarding bio-safety to Dr.Finose A ,Assistant professor(Biochemistry),Department of Microbiology and the same will be handed over to the library ,GEMS College for further reference purpose.

He concluded the talk with the importance of GLP in the laboratories which is indeed the need of the hour. Also he mentioned about the nature of science which is changing day by day in the conclusion.

Department of Computer Science and BCA had conducted a Mock Test for first year students regarding their Audit Course: Environmental Studies, on 20th February 2020. The Mock Test was completely in computerised Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), held in the Computer Science Laboratory.

This software designed and developed by Mr. Anoos Babu PK( Department Head, Department of Computer Science). The test time being 60 had 50 questions. The test was controlled by Mr.Hari K and Mrs. Sabitha T.

As a part of Geology outreach programme, PG Department of Applied Geology have conducted three days GeoFest-“Lampro 2020” on 24th to 27th of January 2020 by inviting the UG and PG Geology students from the Colleges all over Kerala. Nearly 200 students participated in the programme. Different Geology related events were conducted during the fest. Informative classes on current Geoscience topic were organized by inviting the eminent scholars in the field of Geoscience.

Dr. Dinesh AC, Director Geological survey of India, Marine Wing Mangalore, delivered talk on environmental issues due to plastic waste disposal and its bad effect on the survival of marine life. Dr. Brijesh VK, Associate professor of Geology, Department of PG studies and research, MES college Ponnani gave an informative class on responsibilities of a geologist in the overall development of the nation. He also delivered lecture on the overall scenario of the ground water condition in Malappuram district. Students presented papers on different current relevant topic on Geology. The outstanding presentation was awarded cash prize.

Overall championship was awarded to the students of SN College Varkkala for their outstanding performance in the competitions conducted in this event.

Department of Sociology and Social Work has organized a 5 days Participatory Rural Camp(PRA) at Vattavada, Munnar, Idukki district in collaboration with KUDUMBASHREE, VATTAVADA GRAMAPANCHAYATH and ITDP, the camp was mainly focused to find out the major issues through PRA tools and techniques. We have conducted PRA among Muthuvans and it provided great exposure to our students.

Our PRA team have conducted Social Mapping, Resource mapping, Seasonal calendar, trend analysis time line etc.., in 5 colonies like Swamiyalarkudi, Kudallurkudi, Thazhevalasapatti, Vayaltharakudi Mele valasapatti. All these provide an extravagant experience to the Social Work students.

Department of Sociology and Social Work observed the Pulwama day on 14th February, Monday in the backdrop of 14 February 2019. On the day of February 14, 2019 we had lost 40 brave soldiers in Pulwama terrorist attack. Many of us has forgotten the untold heroes of the history.

To commemorate these unsung heroes, the Department of Sociology and Social work observed a moment of silence.

We distributed badges, the teachers and all students portrayed their signature in consonance with the efforts of the Social Work students and to remember the sacrifice made by the great soldiers.

“Vaikhary”, the literary club of GEMS ASC, organized a literary trip to Mayyazhi. Ms. Smitha Pramod (Librarian, GEMS), Ms. Sruthi (Asst. Professor, Dept of English), Mr. Raghu (Asst. Professor, Dept of Multimedia), Mr. Najmudheen T P (Asst. Professor, Dept of English) and 54 students took part in the journey. They interacted with famous Malayalam writer V R Sudheesh. Mr. V R Sudheesh took them through his literary experiences. After the interaction with V R Sudheesh, they visited Iringal Craft Village. The visit to Mayyazhi, the birth place of M. Mukundan, the famous Malayalam writer, made everyone feel the real experience behind the novel “Mayyazhipuzhayude Theerangalil”.

The First Academic Research Review Committee meeting of GEMS Arts and Science College was held on 15th January 2020 at 10.30am in the Board room, college campus. Sree Manjalamkuzhi Ali ,Chairman GEMS Arts and Science College, Mr.M.Vasudevan Vice Chairman, Dr.BG Unni Director-Academic Research and Chairman of the Committee, Dr.Naveen Mohan, Principal and Member Secretary, Prof.M. Nassar, Director Research, Calicut University, Sri. PT Hamza, Mr.P Kunjali, Directors, GEMS Arts and Science College, HOD’S of the respective departments of the college namely Mr.Sivakumar. K, HOD, Commerce, Ms. Sulabha Das. P HOD, Mathematics, Ms. Shinsy. P,HOD, Biotechnology, Ms. Radhika R Krishna ,HOD, Microbiology, Mr. Anand. C HOD, English, Mr. Anoos Babu. P.K HOD, Computer Science, Mr. Hari HOD, BCA, Ms. Aswathy.C, HOD, Travel and Tourism, Mr. Noufal.P, HOD, Multimedia, Dr.Salini B Nair ( HOD, Management Studies), Dr. Poornima. P. S HOD, Sociology and Social Works) and Mr. Abdul Rahman. C.V ,HOD, Geology were attended the meeting. The other external experts Dr.P Indira Devi, Director, Directorate of Research, Kerala Agricultural University and N.P Hafiz mohamad, HOD,Department of Sociology, University of Calicut could not attend the meeting.

The Chairman and Co-Chairman jointly extended a warm welcome to the external experts and all other members of the First Academic Research Review Committee for attending the meeting ,and also appreciated the efforts taken by the Chairman of the committee for organizing such important meeting for the first time at the college campus. Dr.BG Unni (Chairman of the committee ) presented the overall preview the research and the Academic activities undertaken at the college, ongoing progress of the various activities with respect to the Research and Academic program that will be benefited to the students and the Faculties in a short time and long time basis. He also highlighted some of the ongoing activities such as SIRO Certification for the college, UGC recognition related issues and other joint collaborative programs with other RandD institutions and universities of the Country. Dr. Naveen Mohan, Principal and Member Secretary of the Committee also briefed about the college and the Academic activities then ,and now and future too.

The research projects based on the topics Cancer, Social Science, Bio fertilizer, 14 C dating and Land Sliding were presented by Dr. Finose A (Asst. Professor, Microbiology), Dr. Poornima. P. S (Assistant Professor Sociology and Social Works), Ms. Shinsy. P (Asst. Professor Biotechnology), Dr. Subin Prakash (Asst. Professor, Geology) and Mr. Abdul Rahman. C.V (Asst. Professor Geology) respectively. The HOD’S of the respective Departments had also briefed about their ongoing Academic and other activities at the meeting. Immediately after the presentation by Faculties and others, the external expert Dr.Nassar delivered his comments related to overall performance of the college.

IEDC GEMS organised a two day LED (Learn Experience Design) workshop on IoT (Internet of Things) on 21 and 22 January 2020 .The workshop focused on the basics of IOT with hands-on experience, with real time projects, thereby acquiring the feel of creating an actual product from scratch. Mr. Badusha from MES College, Aluva lead the sessions. The workshop started with the basics of IoT, audrino and various sensors and its usage. The participating teams successfully developed various working models of IoT. The event turned to be a good hands on experience on the latest IoT technology. The GEMS IEDC chapter is seamlessly rendering its success stories and adds one more to the line. Previously they organised one day workshops on Robotics, 3D printing, Vinyl Printing , two day workshop on GNU- Linux Installation and FOSS Technologies and a seminar on Awareness on Cyber Economic Offences.

GEMS NSS Unit celebrated Road Safety Week on 21/01/2020 with great zeal and devotion. Various activities were organized in the campus to mark the occasion. Volunteers distributed sweets among the students who entered the campus in bikes by wearing helmets. Besides this they informed the students about the need and seriousness of wearing helmet and other traffic rules.

PG Department of Commerce Association was inaugurated on 09-01-2020(Thursday).The programme started with a prayer by Department Choir.Welcome speech delivered by Mr.Sivakumar.K HOD of PG Department of Commerce.The association was inaugurated by Our chief guest Dr.Thomas Goerge .K Diretor Lead College of Management Dhoni,Palakkad.Respected Vice Principal Mr.Mohamed Navas.K gave presidential address.The programme was felicitated by Mr.Gopinathan Secretary GEMS co-op ltd,Prof.Abdul Jabhar.K.P, Prof.Mohammed Ashraf.M,Prof.Sathian.C.S,Mr.Prem Daniel followed by Mr.Ishfan College Union Chairman.The inauguration was closed by vote of thanks which was delivered by Mr.Junaid Assistant Professor PG Department of Commerce.The chief guest also conducted a seminar to students which was inspiring and thoughtful.Our beloved students performed cultural activities to entertain all who were gathered in that function in afternoon.We thank one and all for making this funtion a grand success.

Department of sociology and social work feels proud in organizing the association inauguration VERSTEHEN-2020 on 16th January .The ceremony started with a warm welcome speech by our beloved student Mr. Abdul waris. The grand Inaugural address was presided over by Mr. Philip Mampad, Assistant Sub Inspector, Malappuram traffic unit. our honourable vice chairman Mr. Vasudevan gave wonderful and encouraging presidential address which was inspiring and thoughtful for the students.The Programme was felicitated by Mr. Muhammad Navas, vice principal, Dr. Poornima P S department head, Mr. Aneesh Kumar, Staff and followed by Ishfan college union chairman. Inauguration was closed by Vote of thanks which was delivered by Mr. Adil, association Secretary. Followed by the inaugural ceremony the chief guest delivered an interesting and wonderful orientation class for the students. Which was inspiring and thoughtful. Our beloved students performed culturals to entertain all participants who where present in the function. We thank one and all for making this event a grand success.

Dept of Computer Science association {CODEPAD} 2020 inauguration was conducted on 17/01/2020. The programme was started with a prayer by Department choir. Mrs. Misma Saleem delivered welcome speech. Mr. Anoos Babu P K, Head of the department did the presidential address. The association was inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Ali, Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer from eHackify. Mr. K. Hari, head of BCA department did the felicitation. The chief guest Mr Abdul Ali conducted a seminar on DEEP WEB, Exploring the dark side of the internet. There was various cultural activities of the students in the afternoon session. The association secretary, Afzal concluded the by function by his vote of thanks.

Mr.Noufal.P, Head of the Department, Multimedia of GEMS Arts and Science College, Ramapuram has introduced a new learning device. Mr.Noufal has started a media company and it named as ILuzialab. Very recently Mr.Noufal and his team obtained approval from Kerala Startup Mission (Govt of Kerala) and Startup India (Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India). This new technological and entertaining learning solution will help the students and the teachers to enhance their classrooms with a new outlook. The Iluzia can also provide untouched contents with three dimensional and artificial Intelligence experiences too .The software developed under this invention will handle student’s progress report, their strengths and weaknesses, online test, student-teacher interactions, parent-teacher interactions, sharing of work and group chatting . His invention is now under process with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC -DSIR, Govt of India) for a patent. Mr.Noufal has also written a book for the students under the Calicut University. The College Management is proud of his invention for bringing such a great honour to the College, and this invention may bring a significant contribution in the education system.
Hearty Congratulations!

The PG Dept. of Applied Geology is organizing a geo-fest LAMPRO-2020 on 24,25,26 January 2020. LAMPRO-2020 is aimed to provide a platform for the active interaction of students of Geology fraternity to share their knowledge in the field of earth science.

Talks By

  • Shri. A.C. Dinesh, Director of Geological Survey of India, Marine Wing, Mangaluru.
  • Dr. Brijesh. V.K, Associate Professor, Dept.of PG Studies and Research in Geology, MES College, Ponnani.
Register Here
View/Download Brochure

First NDLI Club meeting of GEMS Arts And Science College was held on 13th January 2020 at 2.PM at the Computer lab of College. The following club members represented Under Graduate and the Post Graduate students, faculty members, library in-charge, Principal and Director-Academic and Research were attended the meeting. The meeting was called by Ms.Smitha Pramod, Member Secretary of the club.

The adviser of the club Dr.B.GUnni given a detail information and advantages of NDLI club for the teaching community, and for the students studying in various discipline. He also requested in his address to utilize the maximum benefits of NDLI Club facilities for their academic career. He requested all the remaining members to register in NDLI website, and also extended invitation to all the students and faculties of the University to get it registered in NDLI. The adviser of the NDLI Club also requested the Member Secretary to update the NDLI Club activities to the headquarters from time to time. Immediately after the meeting a demonstration for the members was also arranged for registering in NDLI Club. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair and all other members who attended the meeting.

Newly installed Post Graduate department museum and laboratories geo informatics lab, Petrology lab, micro planetology and sedimentology lab, and geo chemical lab etc. were inaugurated by Sri Manjalamkuzhi Ali MLA (Chairman GEMS) on 10th Jan 2020. The inaugural function was presided by Dr Naveen Mohan (Principal GEMS) and the chief guest of the function was Sri. Manjalamkuzhi Ali MLA. In the inaugural address he mentioned about the commitment of the management to imparting quality education to the students. Sri. Vasudevan (Vice chairman, GEMS College) and Dr. K. Gopala Krishna were delivered the felicitation speech during the function and Sri. P.T. Hamza (Director, Management board) were delivered the vote of thanks.

The first Academic and Research Review committee (ARRC) meeting was not held on 17th December 2019 due to unavoidable reasons. The meeting is now arranged on 15th January 2020 at 10.30 AM at board room, “Amjad Ali Memorial Administrative Block”, Gems Campus”. The external expert from Kerala Agricultural University (Director Research) ,Calicut University (Director Research) , Former Professor of Sociology, Farooq College will be attending the meeting .

To enhance and empower the skills of faculty members, a full day faculty development programme was organized on 04th January 2020 at the College Auditorium, GEMS ASC. The program was scheduled in to three sessions. In the inaugural session, Dr. Naveen Mohan (Principal, GEMS ASC) delivered the welcome speech, followed by presidential address by Mr. M. Vasudevan (Vice Chairman, GEMS ASC), felicitation by Mr. P.T. Hamza (Director, GEMS ASC), Dr. B.G. Unni (Academic and Research Director, GEMS ASC), Mr. Mohamed Navas K (Vice Principal, GEMS ASC) and the session was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Noufal P. (Staff Secretary, GEMS ASC).

In the second session Dr. Naveen Mohan (Principal, GEMS ASC) introduced the guest Dr. P.K. Prasadan (Prof. and Head Dept. of Zoology, Kannur University). He enlightened the faculty members about various matrices of Internal Quality Assurance with the words from his vast experience. Mr. Rihas (Asst. Prof. English, GEMS ASC) Expressed the vote of thanks.

The third session started after a short break. The entire faculty members were divided into three groups based on their stream. Each group were trained by eminent resource persons. Dr. B. G. Unni (Academic and Research Director, GEMS ASC) trained the faculty members from Science stream. Commerce stream was handled by Prof. (Dr.) Chadrasekar Menon (Dean, Kalasalingam School of Business, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education). Arts stream was handled by Abdul Shereef (NLP Trainer).

Dept of Biotechnology association AVENTUS 2K19 inauguration was conducted on 18/12/2019. The programme was started with a prayer by Department choir. Shinsy.P, HOD Dept of Biotechnology delivered the welcome speech. Dr.Naveen Mohan ,Principal GEMS Arts and Science college did the presidential address. The association was inaugurated by Dr.Iwin .C.Varkey, Associate Professor, CMS College, Coimbatore. Dr.B.G.Unni, Director Of Academy and research,GEMS College released the third volume of Department journal Abzyme 2K19 . There was also certificate and cash award distribution for the power point presentation winners. Dr.B.G.Unni, Director , Academy and research Dr.Finose , Assistant professor, Dept of Microbiology, did the felicitations. Chief guest Dr Iwin.C.Varkey conducted a seminar on recent trends of Life scirnces. There was various cultural activities of the students in the afternoon session.

GEMS Arts and Science College Registered as a NDLI Club Under National Digital Library of India.

GEMS Arts and Science College has taken the online membership of British Council Library, and the facilities provided by the BRITISH COUNCIL LIBRARY is as follows:-

  • Rb digital Audio books and eBooks is the UK’s leading audio book, digital services and large print publisher Thousands of books to read or listen to, from fiction to plays, non-fiction and self development. Rb digital Audio books and eBooks has something for everyone from children to grown ups.
  • E book Central offers authoritative information and eBooks from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas along with powerful research tools, making it ideal for post-graduation students, researchers and academics.
  • The subject areas include: Anthropology, Business and Economics, Computers and IT, Education, Engineering and Technology, Fine Arts, History, Language and Literature, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences.
  • JSTOR is a leading resource for academics and students all over the world, with over 2,000 academic journals in the social sciences, humanities and more.
  • Comics Plus offers unlimited access to more than 16,000 comics and graphic novels to all library members on web-connected devices.

Online resources for both the Academic and General Training modules of IELTS practice zones with e-books to prepare you for: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sample videos with tips from candidates teacher tutorials highlighting what to do, and what not to do, in your test timed practice tests My Progress” section to help you compare yourself with other students worldwide .My Profile” section to remind you of your test device .World’s largest news stand on your mobile device. Publications include. The Economist, New Scientist and Marie Claire.Latest newspapers and magazines from across the globe, with publications for fans of current affairs, technology, business and finance and magazines. Movies and musical concerts anywhere, anytime. Stream award-winning comedies, documentaries and more. Experience the thrill of live performance brought directly to your home and watch fulllength musical concerts on-demand. Explore the best of UK with hand-picked features for you on fashion, music, tech, literature and much more.

Department of Sociology and Social Work observed United Nations day which falls on every 24th October,this time based on the theme our planet our future.As the part of this, the department had conducted a procession with placards which carries messages of current social issues. The students were tied their mouth by black ribbon as a symbol of anarchy and irresponsible attitude of authorities towards these issues.Vice Principal had addressed the procession and he delivered   a speech on the importance of the day.

The EDM club activities in GEMS Arts and Science College for the academic year 2019-2020 was inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Latheef , CEO of Exam Summary ( a Nasscom 10k startups incubated co.) at seminar hall on 1.Oct.2019 . An entrepreneurship directory was also published. The welcome speech was given by HOD of Management Studies,Dr.Salini B Nair . She encouraged the students to keep their dream enlightened towards new ventures. The club coordinator Fathimma M (Asst.Professor-Dept.of Management Studies) explained about the theme of the programme.An interactive session was also followed by the inauguration. Students from each class of our department conducted a slide presentation on Social Entrepreneurship, Green Entrepreneurship and MSME. Afternoon session was a stall competition to show their creative and innovative ideas. The best team and stalls were motivated by first, second and third prizes to students.

With the collaboration of Kerala Blind School - Vallikapatta, GEMS NSS unit celebrated White Cane Safety Day on 15th october 2019 at GEMS College. The programmme were started with White Cane Rally, which was inaugurated by Mr. A P Unnikrishnan ( District Panchayath President, Malappuram) in the presence of Ms. Shaheeda Ellikottil ( Block Panchayath Present, Mankada), Mr. Ummer Arakkal, Mr. Mohamed Navas K (Vice Principal GEMS College ), Yasir A K (Principal, Kerala Blind School ). The students of Kerala Blind School conducted an exhibition Braillex 2019 which was inaugurated by Ummer Arakkal (Standing Committee Chairman, Dist. Panchayath ).

GEMS Arts and Science College registered in the Darpan Portal and obtained the Unique ID: KL/2019/0242803.The NGO Darpan Portal is a platform that provides space for interface between Voluntary Organisation’s/ NGO’s and Key Govt. institutions/Departments/Govt. Bodies. The portal is managed currently by NITI Aayog, Govt. of India. The Unique ID generated at registration is mandatory to apply for grants under various schemes of Ministries/Departments/Govt. Bodies.
Benefits for college registering with NGO Darpan
1. Free listing of college profile on Govt. Website.
2. Assess information and resources related to Schemes and Projects offered by various Govt. funding bodies.
3. Free access to various NGO’s working in the Districts/ States which shall be helpful for knowing them and exploring Collaborations/Partnerships
4. Get details of existing Voluntary Organisation’s/NGO’s across India.
5. Applying online for NGO grants.
It is a mandatory requirement for processing of financial sanction for grant to any Colleges/Institutions/NGO supported by any organisations. In other words, the financial sanction will not be granted in the absence of Unique ID generated through NGO Darpan Portal.

A Meeting was conducted on 04.10.2019 regarding the various academic and research aspects of GEMS College at Board room of the Administrative Block of GEMS Arts and Science College from 2.00 PM onwards .All the Head of the departments of various disciplines along with Principal were invited to attend the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Dr.B G Unni, Director, Academics and Research.

An essay competition of current topics of Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry were arranged among the students of under graduate in groups with seven topics. From each group the students scored the highest points were selected for PPT presentation with in a time schedule of seven minutes to each student. The students who performed best based on the preparation of slides, way of presentation and interactions were selected for cash awards. They will be getting Cash awards and participation certificates at a special function to be held at the college campus.

The Department of Management Studies is all set to inaugurate the Entrepreneurship Development and Management Club on Tuesday, 1 October 2019, at the Seminar Hall of GEMS Arts and Science College at 9.30 AM by Mr. Abdul Latheef (CEO Examsummary, CEO AdGarage, Consultant Akbar Travels of India Pvt. Ltd.) and also launching Entrepreneur Directory by BBA Department. Mr. Abdul Latheef will lead a session to enrich the entrepreneurial skills of the students. In the afternoon session, stall competition is going to conduct for BBA students to exhibit their entrepreneurial skills.

Honorable Member of Parliament Mr. P.K Kunjalikkutty on Saturday (21-09-2019) inaugurated the newly built ladies hostel for GEMS College. College Vice Chairman Mr. Vasudevan delivered the welcome speech, College Chairman Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali MLA Delivered the presidential address. Mr. T A Ahammed Kabeer MLA, Mrs. Shaheeda Elikkottil (President, Mankada Block Panchayath), Mr. P.K Jayaram (President, Puzhakkattiri Panchayath), Dr. Rasheed Ahammed (Syndicate Member, Calicut University), Mr. M M Narayanan (Syndicate Member, Calicut University), Mr. Sreedhar Sharma (Regional Deputy Director, NCDC), Mr. Muhammed Ashraf (Joint Registrar, Co operative Department, Malappuram), Mr. Govindan Kutty(Asst. Registrar, Perinthalmanna), Dr. B G Unni (Research and Academic Director, GEMS), Mr. Kalakkal Mohammed Ali (Director, GEMS), Mrs. V. N. Laila (Director, GEMS), Mr. K P Sadiquali (Director, GEMS), Mr. Naveen Mohan (Principal, GEMS College), Mr. M. Muhammed Ali (PTA Vice President, GEMS College) and Mr. Isfan (GEMS College Union Chairman) falicitated the function. Mr. P T Hamsa (Director, GEMS) presented the report. Mr K Gopinathan (Special Officer GEMS Co operative Society) expressed the vote of thanks.

The inauguration program for “Three day Workshop on Social Work Practice for MSW and Sociology students” was organised by the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Seminar Hall (Main Block), GEMS Arts and Science College, Ramapuram at 10.30 AM on 18th, September, 2019. The inaugural program was graced by Mr. P. T. Hamza (Director, GEMS), Mr. Muhammed Navas (Vice Principal), Mr. Praveen Varghese Thomas (Life skill trainer and Doctoral Fellow, Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum), Dr. Mirshad Rahman T M (Workshop convener and Head), Mr. Aneesh Kumar. C (Sociology Course Coordinator and Assistant Professor) and Mrs. Anu Jose, (MSW Course Coordinator and Assistant Professor).

The scheduled program was initiated by prayer followed by welcoming the gathering by Mrs. Anu Jose. The brief description about the three day workshop was given by Dr. Mirshad Rahman T M and emphasized the scope of the three day workshop. The Presidential address was delivered by the Vice Principle of the college, Mr. Muhammed Navas in the absence of our beloved principle Mr. Naveen Mohan. The Workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Praveen Varghese Thomas. Mr. P. T Hamza, delivered the keynote address. He congratulated the coordinators and students for taking the initiative for organizing the workshop. The inaugural program was closed by thanks giving by Mr. Aneesh Kumar. C. There were 75 participants including first year Sociology and MSW students from the DSSW, GEMS ASC and students from social work departments of various colleges including SNDP YSS College, Perinthalmanna and Ideal Arts and Science College, Cherpullasserry, Palakkad.

This three day workshop offers students the opportunity to attend a range of sessions by different professionals working in the social work field to help focus discussions on the different areas of the profession like life skills, social work in the mental health sector, community development, and practice of psychology for social workers and performing arts in social work.

Deptartment of Sociology and Social Work of GEMS Arts and Science College is conducting a three day workshop on SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE FOR MSW STUDENTS on 18,19 and 20 September, 2019. The workshop will be inaugurated by college Director Mr. T P. Hamsa. Eminent Social and Life Skill Trainers and Faculty Members of Sociology, Social Work and Psychology will be taking part in the Workshop.
Workshop Highlights

Life skills for Social Workers
lmportance of Psychology for Social Workers
Scope of Social Work Practice in Community Settings.
Scope of Social Work practice in Medical and Psychiatric Setting.
Quiz/Group Discussions/Panel Discussions and Competitions.
Relevance of Performing arts.

A press meet with the leading correspondents of Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhoomi and Suprabhat was arranged on 27th August at Director Academic and Research office. The main reason for arranging such press meet to give information about his plan for the college to bring the college as one of the very best under Calicut University. For that, Director also talked about his future plan/ ideas for the college such as for getting UGC to 2(f) and 12(b) from UGC, registration (Darpan) under NeethiAyog. (It is very much essential for getting any State or Central financial support for the college), applying to get SIRO (Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) certificate from department of Science and Technology, Government of India for the college and Formation of academic and research review committee with two external experts from science and arts stream to assess and review the program of academic and research related activities of the college. In addition to this, Faculties will be encouraged to submit project proposal in the area of environmental sciences, pollution related studies, medicinal properties of various plants available in the region, cancer, diabetics, landslides and other geological related problems to various state and central funding bodies. Students are also being encouraged to take up society based activities and some of the social problem aspects, Dr.Unni said. His main intention of becoming a member of the college is to bring the college’s position in both academic and research front, and to be known as one of the best institution under Calicut University. The correspondents had placed quite a number of suggestions and queries him to know his future plan. Finally Director requested the press to provide maximum support and publicity for making the college one of the very best under both academic and Research front.

First SIRO committee meeting was convened on 27th August at the college campus as a part of the preparation of obtaining SIRO ( Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) certificate for the college. The meeting was attended by the Dr.BG Unni (Director-Academic and Research, , Mr.Naveen Mohan Principal and all the faculty members of the respective committee from GEMS COLLEGE). Director explained in detail about SIRO Certificate and also its requirements for getting the certificate for the college.
1) Faculty /Students Achievements
2) Annual Budgeting for research and its audited reports.
3) Educational Qualifications of faculty members.
4) Research Experience of staff.
5) Details of conferences attended by staff members
6) Social and other Activities performed inside the college.
7) Awards and Recognition received by the students/faculties
Director also mentioned about the advantages of certificate and requested the respective committee members to collect the following information mentioned above from the college for the period 2015-2018, and to be submitted before 25 SEP 2019.

A departmental meeting was conducted on 22-08-2019, 01.00 pm at PG Department of Commerce with Academic and Research Director Dr. B. G. UNNI. Vice Principal Mr. Mohamed Navas. K, all faculties from Department of Management Studies and 12 faculties from PG Department of Commerce were participated at the meeting. At the meeting Director gave instruction on matters related to preparation of Project proposals, faculty enrichment through seminar and other activities.
Following decisions were taken in the meeting:
Directed to prepare a brief concept note on a project idea or a seminar topic and to be submitted to Director’s office on or before 29th August 2019 and also decided to have a regular Saturday seminar by the faculties for the faculties on working Saturdays regularly at the college during lunch time. Director also appealed to the faculties to use English language as medium of communication in the campus and encourage the students too. The interactive session was appreciated by the faculties.

Department of Sociology and Social Work faculties interacted with Dr. B. G Unni, Director (Academic and Research) on 22nd August 2019 from 3.30 pm onwards . The faculties had an effective interaction with the Director on various aspects like Faculty development programmes and measures to develop the department. The main points discussed were:
1. Raising project proposals:
2. Organising seminars and workshops:
3. Signing MOUs with reputed social science institutions:
4. Collaboration with NGO's and INGO's:
5. Community Extension Programmes:
6. Effective function of Journal Club among students and faculties:

All the faculties actively participated and shared their opinions. As a concluding remarks, Director asked the Head of the department to submit a consolidated proposal on or before 29th August 2019.

World Nature Conservation Day is observed on 28th July all over the world with the objective of increasing awareness about and protecting the natural resources. The Department of Sociology and Social Work, Gems Arts and Science College, Ramapuram decided to observe this day on 26th July, 2019 by conducting various programmes for UG and PG students. Events of the day 1. Debate Competition 2. Collection of used pen. 3. Pannel Discussion on Nature Conservation On this day, let us make a conscious effort to contribute to the local, national, and global efforts in conserving nature and the benefits they provide for the present and future generations. Venue: Seminar Hall, Gems Campus Time: 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Shabeer Babu of S5 B Com Co-operation and Sudhin of S1 B Com Finance has won the prize of Quiz Competion, Quizzards, conducted by Commerce Club. Head of the Department, Mr.Shivakumar K and Asst Prof. Ms Soubeena P T distributes the prize for the winners in the presence of Asst Prof. Mr Safvan K and Commerce Club members. The Department of Commerce Congratulated the winners, the students who organised and participated in the programme.

The monsoon is getting stronger day by day in Kerala and the monsoon diseases also started spreading out.The major cause of the monsoon diseases is the threat of infection through water. Inorder to effectively prevent the outbreak of monsoon diseases, a proper awareness is necessary. The students of Microbiology Department, GEMS Arts and Science College, Ramapuram, conducted an awareness program on Monsoon Diseases and How to Say NO to Monsoon Diseases, in the neighborhood of GEMS College on 20-07-2019. They made the common people aware of common monsoon diseases like Dengue,Viral Fever, Malaria, Cholera etc. and how to prevent them. The students also made them understood the importance of consulting a doctor rather than treating a disease by self. The awareness program was lead by the College Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan and HOD. Dept. of Microbiology Mrs. Radhika.

Dept. of Computer Applications and Dept. of Computer Science jointly arranged the initial training session on Software Projects on 18-07-2019 . The training session was handled by Ummer Mukthar V, Technical Director and Mr. Bineesh, Business Development Officer From Areon Infotech, KINFRA. Mr. ANOOS Babu P K, HOD, Dept. of Computer Science inaugurated the training session and Mr. Hari K, HOD, Dept. of Computer Applications expressed the vote of thanks.

The six month Certificate Course in Counselling for the academic year 2019-20, which is offered by Department of Sociology and Social Work, GEMS Arts and Science College in collaboration with Indian Counsellors Association will commence on August 2019. Any interested students or teachers can join the course by registering your name with the Head, Department of Sociology and Social Work. Selection of the candidates will be on the basis of a common eligibility test and a personal interview. Course fee : Rs. 3000/-. Last date for submission of Application: on or before 22nd July 2019. Date of Selection Test : To be announced. For admission and enquiry: Dr. Mirshad Rahman T. M Course Coordinator 91 9995468856

With the collaboration of Govt Hospital Blood Bank Perinthalmanna, GEMS College NSS Unit organized another blood donation camp at college on 16th July 2019. The camp was inaugurated by the College Vice Principal Mohamed Navas K by donating blood. Students and teachers were actively participated and 86 bag of blood were collected from the camp..

Department of Mathematics has conducted a career guidance class for Mathematics students and inaugurated the Maths Club on 15-07-2019. Inauguration was done by College Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan. The career guidance class was lead by Dr. Mohammed Abdul Khayyoom (Asst. Prof. Govt. Poly Technique College, Manjeri). HOD Dept. of Mathematics Mrs. Sulabha Das P delivered the welcome speech, Maths Club coordinator Ms. Jesna, (Asst. Prof.Dept. of Mathematics) delivered the presidential address and Mrs. Jayasree K.G.,(Asst. Prof. Dept. of Mathematics) expressed the vote of thanks

College Chairman Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali (MLA) inaugurated Cricket Nets, Jumping Pit and Throwing Pit on 11-7-2019. The Physical Education Department, lead by Asst. Prof. Shanavas, is adding more feathers to its cap by completing the construction of Cricket Net Practice Pitch, Jumping Pit and Throwing Pit, which was well supported by the College Management. College Vice Chairman Mr. Vasudevan, Vice Principal Mr. Mohamed Navas, Director Mr. P.T. Hamsa, GEMS CO-Operative Society Secretary Mr. Gopinathan, Dept. of Physical Education HOD Mr. Shanavas, Staff and Students were present in the function.

Ival Drowpati, The maiden book from the GEMS family written by Mrs. Smitha Pramod, Librarian, GEMS College, launched today by GEMS College Chairman Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali (MLA) at the college seminar hall. Mr. Rajan Karuvarakundu, well known writer, received the book from Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali (MLA). The function started with a prayer by Ms. Sona. College Vice Principal Mr. Mohamed Navas delivered the welcome speech, Vice Chairman Mr. Vasudevan delivered the presidential address. Mr. Vinu Vasudevan, Asst. Prof. Journalism, briefed reading Drowpati through a modern perspective. Mr. Ramesh Vattingavil, famous poet, introduced Ival Drowpati. He observes that , the poetry unveils the unconditional love of Bheema towards Drowpati. Director Mr. P.T. Hamsa, GEMS CO-Operative Society Secretary Mr. Gopinathan, Mr Shaji V, and Mr.Midhun Varma, Chithra Rasmi Books, felicitated in the function. Mrs. Smitha Pramod expressed her feelings and efforts that brings her dream come true. Mr. Rihas, Asst. Prof., Dept. Of English, expressed the vote of thanks.

PG Department of Commerce has conducted an Orientation Programme for First year B.Com students and inaugurated the Commerce Club on 11-07-2019 .Inauguration was done by Chief Guest Prof. Nalakath Basheer(Retd. Professor, EMEA College, Kondotty). The orientation class lead by him was excellent and he communicated with the students about the infinite opportunities available in the field of Commerce and Industry. Moreover he pointed out that the success of a person is the product of his hard work or struggle for existence and attitude is the driving force for every success. Head of the Department Mr.Sivakumar delivered the Welcome speech and College Vice Principal Mr Mohamed Navas K delivered the Presidential address.Prof. Abdul Jabhar and Prof. Mohammed Ashraf felicitated the function. Assistant Professor Mr. Junaid V expressed the vote of thanks.

Department of Management Studies, GEMS Arts and Science College has organized an Ad Development Competition for the final year and second year BBA students on 4-07-2019.

The Students Union of GEMS brought Copa America Football Fever in to GEMS, in association with Physical Education Department by organizing a friendly match Brazil VS Argentina.. on 2-7-2019. As the teams taking on in the semi finals of Copa America, the friendly match lits fire in the carpet, and Argentina wins the match by 3-0.

Journal Club is a new initiative by Department of Sociology and Social Work. GEMS Arts and Science College. Significance of the club 1.Two hours in a week are alloted for Journal Club. 2. In these hour students may review one research article and present it infront of faculties and other students. 3. Adequate guidance will be given by faculties and followed by suggestions to improve. 4. The aim of this journal club is to prepare the students to enrich their skills in social work research and to improve their writing and presentation skills. Today (01-07-2019) the department inaugurated the club activities after two weeks of training by Mr. Midhun Manohar, Assistant Professor. During inauguration Najma (II MSW Student) presented a review of a research study and also explained the strategies to be followed while preparing and presenting a review. Presentation was followed by a feedback session.

Department of Management Studies organized an orientation program for the first year BBA students on 26/06/2019. The program was inaugurated by Mr. Noufal P , HOD, Multimedia Department, Gems College. The sessions were handled by eminent accadamecians and student representatives from senior BBA batches.

26th June is considered as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. This day is observed as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse. The activities of this day aims to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent to society. To prevent and curb the drug abuse and in solidarity with the UN declaration, the Department of Social Work, Gems Arts and Science College, Ramapuram decided to observe this day by conducting various activities to aware the students and teachers. This year theme: #health4justice #justice4health - justice and health are two sides of the same coin when it comes to addressing drug problems. Highlights of the day *Street play on drug abuse *Photo exhibition on drug abuse *Troll Competition on drug abuse. *Venue: Gems campus *Date: 26.06.2019 *Time: 11.15 am onwards

GEMS ASC welcomed it's new family members on 24-06-2019. The classes for first year UG students officially commenced with an induction program. Mr. Naveen Mohan, College Principal , delivered the welcome speech. Mr. Vasudevan, Vice Chairman, delivered the Presidential Address and conveyed the message from Chairman Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali (MLA). Director Board Members Mr. Hamsa T P, Mr. Sadiquali, Mr. Kalakkal Muhammadali, Mr. Gopinathan Secretary of Gems Society and Mr. Noufal P, Staff Secretary, felicitated in the function. Vice Principal Mr. Navas expressed the vote of thanks. Amjad Ali Endowment for academic excellence were presented to the toppers of various departments. After the official function HODs of various departments directed the students and parents to the allotted classrooms were the teachers, students and parents had an interaction session. CCCE students made a presentation in every class on the importance of the course.

GEMS NSS Unit celebrated International Yoga day on 21st june in the campus. This was a great opportunity for students and teachers to imbibe the value of peace harmony happiness and success. The Yoga practitioner Mr Shamsudheen discussed and demonstrated some ways and dimensions of different types of hasanas. He also pointed out the contribution of Yoga in maintaining fitness and good health and how it helps students to memorize something and understand concept and its context. He said that Yoga is the scientific way of living healthy and increasing life expectancy.

State of the art Audio Lab for Multimedia Department and the Faculty Orientation Program was inaugurated by Mr. Eliyas M Kunnath, Joint Registrar (General), Co-Operative Department, Malappuram on 7-6-2019. Mr.Gopinathan Secretary of Gems Society, delivered the welcome speech. Mr. Vasudevan, Vice Chairman, delivered the Presidential Address. Mr. Naveen Mohan,Principal presented the report. Director Board Members Mr. Sadiquali, Mr. Kalakkal Muhammadali, Mr. Sathyan Retired Principal, Co-operative College, Malappuram and Vice Principal Mr. Navas felicitated in the function. Staff secretary Mr. Noufal P expressed the vote of thanks. The two-day Faculty Orientation Program started with the motivational training session by Dr. Manoj Kumar, Lecturer in DIET, Sulthan Bathery DIET and a Well known Education Trainer. A detailed semester plan was prepared and presented by each departments, on the second day.

Ms. Silpa bagged the first prize for Rangoli, Team MIME won the first prize for MIME and Mappilapattu team won the third prize in Mappilapattu Group in the Calicut University Inter Zone Arts Fest at Wayanad.

International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) and GEMS Arts and Science College jointly organizing a two day workshop on ‘GNU/LINUX Installation and FOSS Technologies’ on 19,20 April 2019 from 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM. The workshop focuses on Wordpress, GNU/Linux Installation , Privacy and Security in Free and Open Source Communication , Linux Gaming , Libre Office , DTP, Typesetting , Scientific Computing , LYX , VLC, PITIVI , GIMP. Interested students are required to fill the online registration form by following the link . For further information, contact Asgar(IEDC Nodal Officer, BCA Dept.) : 9746095052 Muhsin : 7012813561 Arshad:8089112403 Ajas:9061161567

IEDC Club of GEMS College is organizing a two-day workshop on Android Development from 28-3-2019 to 29-3-2019 at GEMS College. The workshop focuses on Basics of app development to debugging and deployment of an Android app.

The Literature Club, Vaikhari of GEMS College organized a two day literature camp, MASHI, at GEMS College from 16-3-2019 to 17-3-2019. All the director board members took part in the camp. Mrs. Smitha, Librarian, delivered the presidential address and college Vice Chairman Mr. Vasudevan inaugurated the camp. The camp was arranged in four sessions. The first session KAVYADHARA was handled by Mr. Ramesh Vattingavil, the winner of Vidyarangam award . Mr. Raghu M D, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of Multimedia, GEMS and Mr. Noufal , Asst. Professor, Dept. Of Multimedia, jointly handled the next session. On the second day Mr. Rajesh Monji , Asst. Professor, Dept. of Malayalam,MES College, Mampad, rendered a speech on Literature Is The Base For Every Art. Mrs. Maya Krishnan expressed the Self-conceptin stories in the last session. College Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan, Vice Principal Mr. Prem Daniel, Management, faculty members Mr. Raghu, Mr. Noufal, Mr.Rihas, Mrs. Seethal, Mrs. Archana, Mr. Najmudheen, and librarian Mr. Mahesh , Mrs. Usha and club members were actively participated in the camp.

Galleria 2K19 inaugurated on 20-3-2019 by Mr. Ranju Chandran, a Theater Artist. Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan,Academic Director Prof. (Dr.) K. Sivarajan,HOD of Multimedia Department Mr.Prem Daniel, Mr. Raghu M D, Mr. Noufal, Mr. Vinu Vasudevan, Ms. Prasanthi faculty members of Multimedia department , College Union Chairman Mr. Roshan and Mr. Asharudheen, Association Secretary rendered their views and felicitated the function.After the inaugural session Mr. Ranju Chandran handled a session on Acting Skills.

The Department of Management studies association INIZIO 2K19 was inaugurated on 23-03-2019 by Mr. C Ummer (Principal, Mariyumma memorial higher secondary school, Prabhapuram) Mr. Abdul Khader V (head of department) delivered the presidential address and Mr. Sirajul Muneer and Mr. Akhil S rendered their views and felicitated the program. Mr. C Ummer a vibrant academician interacted with students and poured his positivity into the audience. Ms. Akhila T K delivered vote of thanks. The inaugural session was followed by three events. The best manager event were conducted to figure out the managerial talents of the students. A mock press event were conducted in the corridor that really tested the students knowledge and understanding of great personalities. Apart from these two events various cultural activities also were conducted by the students efficiently.

The department of Mthematics association LA ECUATIA 2K19 was inaugurated on 22-3-2019 by Mr. Mohana Krishnan, SSA Malappuram District Coordinator and Motivational Speaker.HOD of Mathematics Department Mrs.Sulabha Das delivered the welcome speech,Mr. Noufal, Asst. Professor Multimedia department delivered the presidential address.Mrs. Jayasree,Asst. Professor Mathematics department and College Union Chairman Mr. Roshan felicitated the function. Mr. Ajsal, the Secretary of Mathematics Association expressed the vote of thanks. After the inaugural session Mr. Mohana Krishnan rendered a motivation class.

GEMS Arts and Science College marked its signature this year too in Calicut University C-Zone Arts fest. A total of 100 students participated in different off stage and on stage items respectively. Calicut University C-Zone Arts Fest 2019 began on 26th February 2019 at the Calicut University itself as the venue of this celebration of Arts. The fest was for six days, where the curtain falls on 3rd March 2019. The college students Union and the Fine Arts staff coordinator put their complete effort to ensure maximum best participation from our college. Their constant hard work and dedication was just remarkable. The faculty members offered seamless support for the students and the Fine Arts coordinator. Ms Sruthi B Nair, College Fine Arts staff coordinator was with the participants for the whole six days. From Moring 8.30 till Dawn 4.00 am she remained in the campus helping and motivating the students. Mr.Raghu MD, Asst. Prof. of Department of Multimedia extended his support for four days giving positive energy to students. Mr.Junaid,Asst Prof. of Department of Commerce greatly supported the crew. Mr. Noufal, Asst. Prof. Department of Multimedia helped students overcome their under confidence. Our students made outstanding performance in different items bagging many prices as well. Our college won first prize in Mime among 60 teams with A grade. The Mime team was well trained and motivated by Mr. Nishad. The team made wonderful act on the stage making the audience highly impressed. We also won the third prize in Hindi Drama and Skit as well. Our Drama team students as always made us proud with their inspiring acting skills. We bagged 3rd price with A grade in Mappilapattu Group, trained by Mr Muneer and crew and the students did well. Individual talents should also be praised. Mr. Vivek of S6 Microbiology won two prizes, second prize with A grade for Guitar and third prize for Western Solo. He just missed the individual championship due to the lack of a few points. Ms. Shilpa of S6 BCom CA won second prize with A grade in Rangoli with her mesmerizing artistic talent. College Principal, Academic Director, Management and Vice Principal congratulated all the students who participated. All the participants did their best so as raising the name of Gems high in C-Zone Arts fest.

College Union on behalf of Women Cell organised a session on women empowerment awareness 'AVALKKAYI' on 14-3-2019 Thursday at Gems College seminar hall. College Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan delivered welcome speech and Academic Director Prof.(Dr.) K Sivarajan inaugurated the session. Advocate Indira Nair, secretary of Koode, a women social empowerment organisation from Perinthalmanna, conducted a session on Cyber Crimes Towards Women. Mrs. Jayshree Asst. Professor ,Department of Mathematics delivered vote of thanks.

GEMS football team lifted the VIDYUT CUP 2K19, an inter college 11s football tournament organized by Amritha Vishwa Vidyapeetham at Amrithapuri Campus, Kollam, in connection with their technical fest VIDYUT. GEMS beat DB College, Trivandrum by 1-0 in final to bag the championship.

DELICACY 2K19, the food fest arranged by Microbiology Department and College Union, in connection with SCIENTIA 2K19, melt everyone's taste buds. They arranged everything from soup to nuts to make the fest an outstanding one. Every items, from traditional to contemporary, were sold like hot cakes.The faculty members and students have their fingers in the pie and made the fest a grand success.

The department of Microbiology association SCIENTIA 2K19 inaugurated on 13-3-2019 by Dr. Jasmine P T [MD in Microbiology,EMS Memorial Hospital Perinthalmanna]. Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan,College Vice Chairman Mr. Vasudevan, Academic Director Prof. (Dr.) K. Sivarajan, Director Mrs.Shameema and HOD of Microbiology Department Mrs. Radhika rendered their views and felicitated the function.After the inaugural session Dr.Jasmine motivated the students with a splendid motivation session. A food fest Delicacy 2K19 was organized in connection with SCIENTIA 2K19.

SWASTHIKA 2019, A national conference and social work students meet organised by MSW department and AMALQANA, social work students Association of GEMS college has outplayed everyone with its unique events and programmes. The meet held at the open auditorium at GEMS College on 28 of February 2019. The meet was inaugurated by Dr. S P Udayakumar (well known writer and Koodankulam activist). MSW department Head Mrs. Adheena Devi delivered the welcome speech, college Vice Chairman Mr. Vasudevan M delivered the presidential address, Academic Director Professor (Dr.) K Sivarajan delivered the introductory speach, College Chairman Mr. Manjalamkuzhi Ali MLA and directors Mr. Kalakkal Mohammed Ali, Mr. PT Hamza and college Vice Principal Mr. Prem Daniel faliicitated the function. The meet was based on the theme social work perspectives on changing trends and challenges to sustainable development . The meet events paper presentation, photography, debate and extempore went highly competitive as the participants always hit their nail on the head.

Aventus 2019 a mini expo organized by Dept of Biotechnology as part of the National Science day took GEMS to the next level. Academic Director Prof.(Dr.) K Sivarajan inaugurated the expo in the presence of Gems College Chairman Mr.Manjalamkuzhi Ali , Vice Chairman Vasudevan master, director board members Hamza master and Kalakkal Mohammed Ali. Students were up to the mark with their presentation skills and expertise in events like spot experiments, still models,working models , natural ecosystems, DNA isolation, carbon dioxide capturing etc. Biotechnology dept HOD Mrs.Shinsy, teachers Mrs.Renjusha and Mr.Abdul Samad co ordinated the function.

VAGENZA-19 , the annual sports meet of Gemzians, registered a new history here at Gems and team Renegadez won the overall trophy. All the Gemzians actively took their part in the sports and games events. Four groups formed by clubbing various departments competed each other in Vagenza 19. Started off on the 13-2-19, Vagenza 19 athletics was officially inaugurated on 25-2-19 by Mr. Shyju Damodaran (Football Commentator), by lighting the meet torch with principal Mr. Naveen Mohan . The meet witnessed scintillating performances in the games and electrified track performances in athletics. Mr. Shafeeque Chenadan (Mr. India runner up, Mr. Asia 4th place) inaugurated the meet games on 27-02-19 in the presence of Academic Director Prof. (Dr.) K Sivarajan and principal Mr. Naveen Mohan. Mr. Farhan of s6 BBA and Aneesa of S2 English bagged the individual championship. Mr. Ameen s6 BCom won the award for best manager and Mr. Basil s4 BCom CA won the award for best captian. (Team standings:Renegadez -137 points ,Demolitians -104 points,Capriconz - 93 points ,Blumigoz - 92 points.) The teachers also displayed their class in football and cricket matches. Take a bow Mr. Shanavas , HOD of physical education and College Union for organizing such an outstanding event.

The evening went unforgettable for Gemzians as they gathered to experience a mesmerizing journey through the Malayalam poetry by Mr. Prajeesh. The event was organized by the college students union and Gems literary club Vighary. The recitation of famous Malayalam poetry made the poetry lovers to reach the cloud-nine. He also discussed the contemporary issues that the society is facing, and calls for unity to overcome all of the issues.

A brand new State of the art Central Laboratory is built and inaugurated for GEMS Microbiology and Biotechnology departments. The laboratory is fully air-conditioned and well equipped with all facilities and most modern equipments like, central instrumentation lab, inverted microscope, PCR, cooling centrifuge, UV transilluminator, shaker incubator, incubator, digital weighing balance, centrifuge, LAf, UV Spectrophotometer, colorimeter, PAGE and AGE. The lab attracts life science students to carry out analytical research works and experiments in various domains like Molecular Biology, Immunology, Plant cell culture, Immunotechnology , Cell biology etc.

VAGENZA-19, the GEMS Sports meet is continuing with making signature in GEMS history. The day (19-02-19) specialised with cycle race in the morning and obstacle race in the after noon, both of them were nail biting for the audience, where it went a dog-eat-dog race for the participants. Vice Principal Mr. Prem Daniel flagged off the race and Mr. Shanavas HOD Dept of Physical Education controlled the entire event. Mr. Rinshad of S4 BCom Finance won the first place in the obstacle race.

The Central lab for GEMS Microbiology-Biotechnology departments is inaugurated by Dr. Elyas K K, HOD Dept. of Biotechnology,University of Calicut. Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan delivered the presidential address, Mrs, Shincy HOD Dept. of Biotechnology delivered the welcome speech. Academic Director Prof.(Dr.) Sivarajan, Director Board Members Mr. Sadiquali, Mr. Kamal Ahammed, Vice Principal Mr. Prem Daniel,Mr. Muhammed Sadique (Asst. Prof. Biochemistry),College union Chairman Mr. Muhammed Roshan and Mr. Gopinathan Secretary of Gems Society falicitated the function. Mrs. Radhika R Krishna HOD Dept of Microbiology expressed the vote of thanks.

SPARSAM, a blood donation camp organizedby the NSS unit of GEMS Arts and Science College, Ramapuram on 19 Feb 2019 ,Tuesday, in association with Save Blood Donors Puzhakkattiri, Sparsam Blood Donors Kearala and Govt. Hospital Blood Bank Perinthalmanna becomes a huge success. Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan inaugurated the camp by donating blood at 10 AM, in the presence of Chairman of Save Blood Donors Mr. Jamal Paravakkal, Sparsam Blood Donors Kerala co-ocrdinator Mr. Rafi CT, Vice Principal Mr. Prem Daniel and GEMS NSS Program Officer Mr. Junaid at GEMS College Ramapuram. The camp closed at 1 PM, afternoon and students and staff members actively participated in the camp.

The NSS unit of GEMS Arts and Science College, Ramapuram is organizing a blood donation camp SPARSAM on 19 Feb 2019 ,Tuesday, in association with Save Blood Donors Puzhakkattiri, Sparsam Blood Donors Kearala and Govt. Hospital Blood Bank Perinthalmanna. The camp will start on 10 AM at the College Campus

Anagha E and Nasira Thayyil, students from second year MSW, has won the third prize in debate, organized by SB College, Kottayam in association with their national conference.

VAGENZA-19, the GEMS Sports Meet, got in to action as the Volleyball and Chess competitions started today(13-2-2019). Vice principal Mr. Prem Daniel inaugurated the Volleyball competition, and Mr. Asif (HOD. Dept. Of English) inaugurated the Chess competition. MR. Shanavas (HOD. Dept of Physical Education) and the College Union is bringing all their efforts to make the sports meet an outstanding event.

VAGENZA-19, The GEMS Annual Sports meet started with an astounding display of fireworks and various games and athletics postures in the college ground. Academic Director Prof.(Dr.) K. Sivarajan and Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan launched the logo of VAGENZA-19.

Serin Anto and Rahila sherin, the students from first year MSW, has won the second prize for extempore in 16th Samanwaya, an international conference, conducted in connection with inter college Social Work Students meet held at BMC College, Kottayam. Rasheeda, Fashida and Anagha, of second year MSW, presented papers in the event.

The department of geology association 'Holocene2k19' was inaugurated on 31st January 2019 by Dr. Nazar Ahmed, former deputy director, mining and geology department, Kerala. The program began with a welcome address by Dr. K. Gopalakrishnan, followed by a presidential address by the principal Mr. Naveen Mohan. Mr. Vasudevan, Vice Chairman, Prof. (Dr.) K. Sivarajan, Academic Director, Dr. Geetha, Dept. of English, Mr. Roshan, the college Union chairman, felicitated. The morning session ended with the vote of thanks by Aneeth P A, Geology Association Secretary. After the inaugural session Dr.Nazar Ahmed explained the different aspects and the environmental impact of mining.

GEMS Celebrated Nation's Republic Day as India celebrating its 70th Republic Day. Principal Mr. Naveen Mohan hoisted the flag.

GEMS Won the Overall First prize (trophy and Rs. 25000 cash award) of the Inter- collegiate Management Fest COMANIAC, conducted by the Dept.of Commerce and Management, Al Jamia Arts and Science College, Poopppalam. Students of fourth semester BCom Finanace,Mr. Baheej M K, Mr. Muhammed Swalih, Mr. Muhammed Bilal Kolloth, and fourth semester BCom Computer Application ,Mr. Munavarali, Mr. Muhammed Nabeel ,has won the title for GEMS.

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